There are so many beautiful corners and places to see when you visit Dubrovnik and Porporela is definitely one of them! Porporela is a pier in the Old Port of Dubrovnik and it was built in the 19th century to protect the ships and boats anchored in the port from the power of the sea and strong winds that result in large powerful and potentially dangerous waves. But besides that historical and practical value, it has a sentimental note and a special place in the hearts of locals. 

porporela beach

Porporela is for many a place where that first kiss happened on a hot summer night cooled slightly with a gentle breeze from the sea. A place where in the evenings you take a stroll hand in hand with somebody you love and look for a romantic spot where you cold sit on a rock and forget about anything else besides here and now. A place where you would go to heal your broken heart and spend hours sitting by the sea, listening to the sounds of waves and watching the turquoise blue water in hopes they would wash away your pain. A place where you would go with your friends when you were 12 or 13 years old to sit on warm stone steps, lick ice cream and talk about boys.

porporela dubrovnik

Also a place where you would seek a refreshment from that summer heat and some moments of peace and silence on hot summer nights when the Old Town is full of people and buzzing with sounds. It makes a perfect place for when you seek some solitude and just want to look at the blue sea, green Lokrum island while seagulls sing and dance above your head.

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In gloomy winter days when the stormy winds blow and form powerful waves there is a special magic happening there and you could gaze in the sea for hours but often it can get dangerous and slippery so that should be done with caution. 

porporela steps

On summer days Porporela is full of life and sounds with people jumping in the water of the rocks, swimming and playing water-polo games while in the evenings when the air cools down slightly everything gets quiet and romantic, perfect for those lovers walks and kisses.

old port dubrovnik

Oh if walls could talk, I’m sure there would be many interesting stories about love, friendship, heartbreak, hope and dreams that Porporela could tell

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old port dubrovnik

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old port dubrovnik

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