A young couple from Lublin, Polland started their blog back in 2012. A lot has changed since they started their Croatian jourey; the blog turned from a diary into a guidebook. Wojtek (works in SEO) and Aga (a doctor) were fascinated with stories of chirping cicadas, crystal clear waters of the Adriatic, and wonderful views from the Biokovo mountain range, so they decided to see all of this by themselves. And it paid off, they say, they wouldn’t change Croatia for any other country.Their first visit to Croatia was completely spontaneous, no planning, no set destinations. The only thing they  knew was that they wanted to go to Dalmatia.

They visited Dubrovnik’s number one attraction The City Walls and captured the magnificent view from above. Yo can check out some of their photos in our photo gallery but make sure you also visit their blog because they have prepared a post with even more beautiful photos.

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”Walking down Stradun, or any other of the countless, atmospheric and narrow streets of Dubrovnik, is a marvelous experience. But there is another way of exploring the Old City that is even better for learning more about the Pearl of the Adriatic – walking on city walls. The view from above unveils the city’s labyrinth of streets, squares and houses, and theboundless Adriatic stretching out around Dubrovnik.”

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