The trend of Glamorous camping is on the rise. That’s why we are bringing you everything you need to know about glamping and a list of reasons why you should try glamping for your next vacation in Croatia.

What is glamping?

The expression ‘Glamping’ comes from the combination of words ‘glamourous’ and ‘camping’, and as the name itself explains it’s a style of camping. Glamping is a relatively new term and style of vacationing. It usually combines the advantages of escapism the camping offers together with the comfort with resort-like vacationing. According to 99 Camping, a popular accommodation option during glamping is framed yurt tents, but mobile homes, tree houses, and camping vans may also be available.

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Difference between camping and glamping

Although glamping is a style of camping like a vacation, there are some significant differences. First, and probably the biggest, the difference is the type of accommodation you will be staying in. When you go on a traditional camping trip you usually bring your own tent or other forms of accommodation. But if you decide to go glamping your accommodation is already set up for you. A popular accommodation option during glamping is framed yurt tents, but mobile homes, tree houses, and camping vans may also be available. So instead of sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag, you will have a good night’s rest on a queen-size mattress.

The other difference between camping and glamping is toilets. Glamping areas provide fully functioning bathrooms and toilets on the site.

Why do people go glamping?

Glamping vacation offers you the best of both worlds. You get all the advantages of resort-like vacation housing, combined with all the principles of traditional camping – such as being in touch with nature and digital detox.

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9 Reasons You Should Try Glamping in 2020

Glamping sounds like a great way to unwind and spend your time off surrounded by nature, especially with the casino roulette. That’s why we decided to bring you a list of reasons why you should try to go glamping on your next holiday. 

1. Ease Your Way Into Camping

If you have always wanted to try camping but are not sure how you would handle such an environment and conditions, Glamping is a great way to ease yourself into Camping. Glamorous style of camping will definitely satisfy your need for a more adventurous vacation, while still offering the advantages of more traditional accommodation. A big advantage of Glamping is the possibility of a more spontaneous vacation. Unlike camping, you don’t have to plan every detail well and make sure you packed everything you need.

2. Better Rest and More Comfort

Given that glamping offers a proper bed for you to sleep in, you are guaranteed to have a good night’s rest. In comparison to the sleeping bag you would have to spend the night in while camping, glamping accommodation will give you a much-needed comfort during your vacation. Glamping accommodation units are equipped with all the amenities you will need for a comfortable stay.

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3. More Accessible Camping

When compared to camping, glamping turns out to be a more cost-efficient option. If you were to opt-out for this vacationing alternative, you will not have to spend money buying the much needed outdoor equipment for camping.  

4. Beautiful Locations – Adriatic Coast

Glamping sites are located in some of the most beautiful places, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and seascapes. If you decide to try out the glamping style of vacationing in Croatia, one thing is certain – you will be surrounded by the beautiful untouched nature and sparkling the clear Adriatic Sea. Glamping on the Adriatic coast of Croatia offers you a scenic environment that will certainly leave you amazed. Pelješac peninsula is also a great place for kite-surfing and kites which is really popular lately. And if you still haven’t had enough kites for the day, check out the most popular kite festivals here!

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5. You Don’t Have to be an Expert in Camping

As mentioned above in our list, you do not need any additional equipment for glamping. You also don’t need to be the outdoorsy type of person or have any survival skills. With glamping, you will not have to know how to perfectly set up your tent or plan ahead what essentials you need to bring on your trip. All the work is done for you already! You just need to show up, wind down and enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounding you.

6. Glamping is Eco-friendly

Glamping is a green activity with low impact. Many of the amenities that glamping requires are powered by solar energy and wind power. As opposed to luxurious hotel complexes and resorts, glamping options are low construction and usually upcycled living fragments. If you choose this style of vacation, you will preserve nature while submerging yourself in it.

7. Glamping Has All the Advantages of Camping

Nature, starry sky, and campfire sing-alongs are something that you will still be able to experience during your glamping vacation. The whole point of glamping is to get more in touch with your natural surroundings, so you will have every opportunity to do outdoor activity. And you will still be able to make s’ mores on an open fire.

8. Try Digital Detox and Unplug For a While

A glamping vacation offers you perfect conditions to unplug and do some digital detoxing. The majority of glamping sites don’t have wi-fi and their phone signal is not that great which is a great opportunity to relax completely and forget about all the social media and the digital world. Now that sounds super relaxing. We recommend using your phone as little as you can and spend your time exploring the nature surrounding you. The way you will truly have the most relaxing holiday ever.

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9. Experience s Luxurious Adventure

Everybody loves to have a bit of adventure in their life, but the truth is most of us are creatures of comfort. By booking your glamping vacation you will be able to have an adventure while not having to give up the everyday luxuries you are used to.

Our Choice for Glamping in Croatia 

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If your next vacation destination is Croatia and you want to try glamping for yourself, we recommend you check out Adriatic Mikulić Glamping Camp Pelješac. Their tents come fully equipped. everything is close by From glamping camp Adriatic! There is a beach nearby, Korcula is a 15-minute boat ride away, and the Orebic Maritime Museum is 4 km away. If you are a short distance away, you can visit the National Park Mljet (60 km), Dubrovnik (100 km) and Split (160 km).




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