How To Fully Experience Croatia’s Seaside Nature And Wildlife

Experience Croatia's Seaside

Croatia is still one of the well-kept secrets of Europe, and it was just recently, after the launch of Game of Thrones, that people came to know about the fantastic beauty of this country. As was depicted in the popular series, Croatia is not only home to some of the best scenery in the world, but it is also home to a very old civilization.

One of the first towns to be established in Europe, Stari Grad, is also in Croatia. This is the perfect vacation destination for those who want to relax in nature as well as those who enjoy the busy nightlife. Croatia has something on offer for everyone. Here are some of the best outdoor activities to enjoy in Croatia.

Blue Cave

The Blue Cave, locally known as Modra Spilja, is one of the best attractions in Croatia for those that love water and caves. It was discovered in 1884 and since then has been a popular spot among tourists. It is called Blue Cave because of an artificial blue light that is installed underwater, which causes the water and the rest of the cave to be illuminated by blue light.

This is a small cave measuring only 24 meters in length, but it offers a unique experience that is worth trying out. You can easily book a day tour to this cave or even an exclusive tour for your own group. Try visiting this cave in the morning or in the afternoon for the best experience.

Truffle Hunting

Truffles are one of the most sought-after foods in the world, and Croatia produces a lot of them. They are found throughout the country, but they are particularly plentiful in the Istria region. Truffles grow underground much like potatoes. Hunters train dogs and even pigs to sniff out where the truffles are, and then the hunters go in and dig them out. This is a very unique hunting experience both because of the process and also because of the rarity of the find. This is a fantastic way to spend your day.

Animal Hunting

If you want something with a bit more action, then you can go for regular rifle hunting as well. Croatia is home to many expensive grounds and several animals that are excellent targets. There are plenty of things to hunt, including wild goats, boar, deer, bear, quails, pheasants, and many more. The hunters at BADASSOPTIC recommend getting a good quality scope for your rifle or handgun. The hunting areas can be quite large and in thick woods where it is challenging to spot animals from a distance. With a good weapon and the right optics, it will be much easier to spot prey before it spots you.

Cetina River Rafting

Given that Croatia shares a border with one of the most beautiful seas in the world, it should come as no surprise that water sports are big in Croatia. However, this is not limited to what you can do out on the sea. The Cetina River has a length of over 100 KM, and there are numerous spots along the way where you can go rafting. There is even competitive river rafting happening, but if you are a beginner, then it is best to go for a group session. You can start off with a quieter part of the river and then explore more aggressive areas if you enjoy the experience. 

When you are done, it will be worth your time to explore the Eye Of The Earth, which is one of the springs that feeds the river Cetina. This spring is more than 150m deep and has a unique blue color to it.

Plitvice National Park

If you don’t want to hunt but still want to see the different animals and explore the wilder side of Croatia, then head on over to Plitvice National Park. Croatia does have a few other national parks as well, but this is arguably the best of them all. It offers everything from rivers to woods to mountains and plenty of animals.

Experience Croatia's Seaside

When you are done traveling and exploring the different regions of Croatia, it is the best time to enjoy the Sea Organ. This is a water-powered organ that is located in Zadar. It is built under a set of marble steps and consists of 35 individual pipes. As you sit on the steps watching the sunset, you can hear the sea organ play different tunes as the water flows through its pipes. The sunset in this part of the country is a spectacular sight, and even after the sun goes down, there is plenty to do in the area.