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Road trips can be fascinating whether you are going on vacation, camping, or tours. It becomes more exciting during summer; the atmosphere is no longer wet and cold. But before you start your trip, it would be a good thing if you check your car very well to avoid general car troubles typical to road trips. 

Check every part of your vehicle, whether the interior or the exterior, to ensure they are good enough for a long-distance road trip. Do not overlook any part, repair, and replace where needed. And to be on a safer side, you might also need to buy or renew roadside assistance services that offer 24 hours breakdown cover. If you are planning a road trip far from the central city.

Let’s know the 7 general car troubles on a road trip and how you can avoid it.

1. Tire problems

One of the most prevalent problems that your car can encounter over long distances is a flat tire. While fixing a tire looks easier to some, many people can not change a flat tire without a mechanic. Before you embark on any trip, always do auto insurance resource and ask your mechanic to check whether the tire is cracked or any puncture that can result in leaking of air. 

Also, worn-out tires make stopping a car challenging thing to do. If the tread of your tire wears out, stopping the vehicle might be difficult in conditions such as rain and snow, as it will be slippery.

It would be best that you allow your mechanic to help you determine the tread level that remains in the tire and advise you if you need a replacement. 

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2. Faulty Brake Pads

Similar to worn-out tires, worn-out brakes also make stopping difficult. It is more complicated and dangerous to travel with a worn-out brake pad. 

Depending on the number of trips you have had, your brake pad might need a replacement, especially if you have traveled between 25,000 and 70,000 miles. And apart from this, the time to replace brake pads might also depend on your car’s model and the way you drive. 

It does not matter the cause, always allow your mechanic to performs checks on them to determine whether they are due for replacement. And if you have had any problem with the brakes, it would be best to address them before you begin your trip.

3. Battery stops working

If your battery is over three years old or you are having trouble with your car’s ignition, it may be time to buy a new battery. But you do not have to replace every battery. Some only need to be repaired. Ask the mechanic to check the battery for issues such as corrosion, leakages, and check whether the battery case is swollen. 

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4. Malfunctioned Lights and Wipers

This is one of the General Car Troubles that most people overlook. Still, if you want to avoid the danger of driving at night with a malfunctioned headlight, you will want to check the lights before you travel.

Let your mechanic check your headlights and taillights very well so you can be sure whether they are still in the right conditions. 

On the other hand, defective wipers can also affect your visibility. If the blades of the wiper only make noise and do not work correctly, then it might be time to replace them.

5. Hose and Belt Failure

Checking your car, especially the engine and other internal parts, can be difficult and sometimes frustrating. Still, there are some visible signs of problems that anyone can recognize. Check the hose very well to ensure there are no leaks, especially the extreme of the tubes. 

Also, check the belts to ensure the slackness is not much, and if there are teeth on the belt, none of the teeth should fall out when the belt is pressed. And if the straps omit any teeth, do not drive the car. Also, look for worn out and missing teeth on the belts as they are the indicators that your belt needs replacement. 

You must check all these because hose and belt failure can be disastrous for the car engine, and it might leave you stranded. 

6. Shortage of Fluids

Most people rarely forget to change oils before starting the car, but there are other fluids that you need to look out for before traveling. Some of these fluids are responsible for the swift movements of the vital part of your car. Examples of such liquids are brake fluid, coolant, radiator coolant, and the fluid for the power steering. 

This is part of the General Car Troubles because a shortage of fluid in some regions like a brake, power steering, and radiator can leave you stranded on the road while traveling. 

7. Air conditioning failure

This might look insignificant, but you will know how important it is to travel over a long distance in hot weather without air conditioning. The experience is uncomfortable, and it might leave you regretting why you embark on a road trip in the first place. 

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To avoid this, allow your mechanic to properly check the Air conditioning before you begin your road trip.

Before you start planning any other thing for your road trip, ensure your car is in good condition and you have international drivers license. You might need to schedule a meeting with your mechanic to perform a thorough check on your vehicle. This might look excessive, but it will save from experiencing the general car troubles that are common on road trips, especially on longer distances.