To be precise, there exist various things to explore and do in Jordan, during your Jordan tour, that you will require at least two weeks to visit. From the flourishing city of Amman to the rustic landscapes, Jordan has something for everyone. No doubt, Jordan is a great place to stay for vacations in the Middle East. Being friendly and safe, Jordan always scores high on the bucket list of ardent travelers. 

You will feel right at home once you blend into the culture of this great nation located in the Middle East. And if you happen to be a passionate explorer, there are UNESCO World Heritage Sites in abundance. Climbing the red sand dunes in the desert landscape is something that you will always cherish. Here are some must-do activities you should pursue on your Jordan tour. 

Jordan Tour

Exploring the Ancient City of Petra 

Petra is one of the most ancient cities globally, and it lives up to the hype. With momentous structures constructed in high cliffs, Petra is always a delight for travelers. In other words, Petra should always be on the top of your itinerary for Jordan Tours. Petra came into existence 2000 years ago and was part of the important Silk Route to India and China. Hollywood movies regularly use Petra because of the scenery it possesses. 

A Trip to the Dead Sea 

When in Jordan, floating in the Dead Sea is a compulsory activity for travelers. The Dead Sea is also referred to as the lowest point on the Earth and accessible by road. Amman is the closest city to the Dead Sea. It usually takes an hour to reach the Dead Sea from Amman. The Dead Sea is famous for its mineral-rich water. Many people are of the view that water has healing properties. Nowadays, you can even stay at the plush spa resorts on the northeast coast of the Dead Sea. 

Jordan Tour

Jerash Ruins 

Do you want to travel back in time to those old medieval days? If yes, then the Jerash Ruins are ideal for you. In case you don’t know, it is one of the world’s best-preserved ancient places. When in Jerash Ruins, you can take a tour of the massive sports arena that once had a capacity of 15000 spectators. 

The Hadrian’s Arch is another popular attraction of Jerash Ruins, and another highlight of this place is the Forum. It is an oval-shaped plaza lined by still-standing columns. In short, Jerash Ruins has a lot to offer any traveler visiting Jordan for the first time. 

Having the Delicacies of Jordan

Note that the national dish of Jordan is Mansaf. Mansaf is lamb cooked in fermented yogurt and served with rice. Another meat-based delicacy is the Zarb. Zarb refers to slow-cooked chicken with several types of vegetables and spices. Food in Jordan is usually well-prepared and safe to consume. 


Are you already feeling intrigued about visiting Jordan? Opt for a customized tour package today and explore this fascinating place.