We know most of us men do not know “what are some essential and crucial things to carry all the time?” These things are not extras. They can be found on websites known as EDC Websites.

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 They can prove to be lifesaving. Here you will get a brief idea of what an EDC Website is. So, before we talk about all these items, let’s have a clear understanding of EDC.

What is EDC:

EDC are some items that you need to carry every day wherever you go. They are very important and they can be very helpful to you in times of need.

 EDC stands for Everyday Carry essential things. There is a very large list of what to carry and what not. However, we will only discuss the most crucial things.

All of these products can be easily accessed from an EDC website. We have also attached the link to one of our EDC websites so you can check that out as well. Let’s go.

A Handkerchief:

You will be probably wondering what can be the use of a handkerchief. Relax; we are here to tell you. There are a hell lot of reasons why you should carry a handkerchief with you.

Hankies are helpful if you have a first-aid situation. They can be used to dry and clean your hands or face. A decent looking handkerchief adds some class to your EDC kit.

You can also use a handkerchief to clean your EDC kit. If you are sweating, wipe your face with a hanky. This will reduce the chance of pimples and germs on your skin, making it look clear and clean.

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A pocketknife:

A pocketknife is a very necessary incentive. It can be used for personal defense and protection purposes. It can be used to cut open anything. The most popular pocket knives are the Swiss army pocket knives.

They can serve a variety of purposes. While choosing a pocketknife, make sure it is sharp and lightweight. You should always handle a pocketknife with precautions.

If you are in a forest, a pocketknife can help you to prey a bird and that is how you get something to eat in a lonely forest. It is also a basic survival tool for everyone. 

A wristwatch:

And yeah, how can we forget about a wristwatch. They are one of the most important things everyone should carry. You may have your smartphone to tell the time but its battery is going to be dead at some time.
Therefore, when you have a wristwatch, you will not only be punctual but you will be quite aware of the time. A good wristwatch with a built-in compass, stopwatch, a tachometer, and an alarm is what we recommend.

Wearing a nice looking wristwatch will also add some style and decency to your personality. Your watch can equally inspire someone as your perfume. 

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A nice lighter:

In 2021, lighters are not only used to light cigarettes. They are of great use nowadays. If someone is bleeding and the blood will not stop then you can burn some cork using your lighter and spread it on that wound to stop bleeding.

For smokers, a lighter can be used to light their cigars and cigarettes. Again, if you are alone in a forest and you just hunted a bird using your pocketknife, you can fire some woods with your lighter to cook it.

There you have a nice meal. All thanks to the pocketknife and your lighter. Cool right? Head over to our EDC site to order yours right awayA mini torchlight:

Torchlights are equally as important as other EDC items. At night, time especially. Without a torch, you will be blind in the dark. You will not be able to see anything.

At this moment, you can switch on your pocket torch and see your way. In an emergency, torches could be used while giving first-aid to someone.
Torches are relatively large so we prefer you to carry a mini or pocket torch to fit in your pocket easily.

A notebook:

We men think that we can remember anything that happened to us today or yesterday. However, sadly, many of us fail to do so. Including me, it is not a matter of shame. It is natural.

So, what to do in this case? Carry a notepad with you. Write in it every single detail. If you are going on a date, list inside the notebook what things you need to take care of.

If you are a businessman, list in all your deals, all your new clients, the names and contacts of your employees. 


These were some things we think you should always carry with you if you are a man. These may not seem to you very important but believe me, they are.
Hope you have a great time reading this and if you want to buy any of these products, head over to our EDC website for some discounts.