Do you know that feeling when you are looking into locations for your next trip? That excitement before buying a ticket, browsing through all the wonderful places you are about to visit… Figuring out what to pack… And of course, in this age of social networks, thinking about all the enviable photos you are going to post on your profiles.


It often happens that you came back home from such a trip without any (good) photos. Either you’re in a hurry, sometimes you just don’t feel like taking photos, or you’re having too much fun. Perhaps you are too shy to ask someone to take a photo of you and your friends, because in the most cases, that doesn’t turn out good. So when you come back home from your travel, you are trying to save the memory of all the beautiful things you have seen and experienced while you were there. You think about all those photographs that could have turned out cool, like that one when you were walking into the sunset at Stradun with your friends on that warm summer day. And then, your mind wanders to a place of a movie scene, where someone is  actually following you around with a camera, capturing every moment and there’s also a theme song in the background that changes with the scenario. Wouldn’t it be great? Unfortunately, we can not help you with the theme song, but the part with a private photographer is in our power.


Travelshoot is a service that we all dreamed of in those kinds of moments when we asked our friend to fit our humble persona with a beautiful background, but it tourned out that our friend is a complete anti-talent when it comes to capturing a moment. Or that one time we asked a complete stranger to take a romantic photo of us and our beloved one, but that person didn’t set the frame right. If this is the case, than Travelshoot is just what we need.
They are a new growing business concept launched by the Australian couple which had it enough with all of those annoying selfies from their travels. It all started when they went to New York and hired a private photographer who took photos of them around the city. 10 pictures in one hour, 10 pictures that perfectly described the moment and the atmosphere from that day.
“Since that original shoot in 2012, we wanted to make the same experience possible in cities across the world. So we set out to source an incredible team of talented photographers not only in Australia but across the globe.” -quote from their site.
Travelshoot became available in Dubrovnik (yay!) and we tried it out for you (yay for us!).


It is simple and exciting, you just need to follow three steps on their page. Two of my colleagues and I decided to “sacrifice” ourselves and give you guys info on our experience with this service!
The first step was to book travelshoot. We choose the location and itinerary, filled the form, with a few details to help them meet our wishes and concerns.
Step two: We received feedback that our photographer is going to be Željka from Dubrovnik and we talked to her about the location and time of our photo shoot.
Third Step: We met with Željka  near the  Old Town gate and our adventure began.
We did a photoshoot in the Old Town, we told her how we wanted it to look, and she gave us her professional advice. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed, two hours flew by. Željka was positive, professional and full of ideas. It was a perfect combination of sightseeing, socializing and photography. Shortly after we got the photos, they perfectly evoke every moment of that day.
Thumbs up for Željka and Travelshoot… and we definitely recommend you to try this. It’s a good way to meet someone local and feel like a local for a day. Travelshoot is just the thing you need if you are trying to upscale your Instagram account and get more followers (which we all do) or to develop a big picture for your living room! It’s up to you 🙂