Why Dubrovnik?

If you’re looking for a beautiful vacation spot in Europe, Dubrovnik is the place for you. Its glistening waters and historic buildings are perfect for a European vacation that can elevate your motor home experience. With exquisite food and wine, and an unforgettable summer festival, Dubrovnik provides an adventure of a lifetime, especially if you are in for a RV vacation.

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If you’re considering a camper rental, Dubrovnik has a multitude of different options for you.

Best Seasons to Visit

The best times of year to visit Dubrovnik are May and June or September and October, the four months when it’s the best mix of sunny, warm and not too crowded. Visiting in the middle of the summer can be hot and crowded and if you visit in the winter you’ll quickly find that you need to bring an electric RV heater since the winters can be very cold.


These options are perfect for travelers, as they are available for pick up and drop off at the airport. There’s also quite a variety of price points, so many budgets are considered.


Lido A35SP

Starting off at 65 EUR per day, this rental option is 5.99m long. It provides a main lounge area, shower and toilet, and small kitchen. This RV can last up to three years on the road and can host up to four people.


PetroVan 54

While this unit is a bit smaller, at 5.41m. It is, however, a more modern unit and therefore costs 85 EUR per day. It features a sleeping area, toilet and shower, and front air conditioner. This unit would be ideal for couples who are traveling together.

Adria Lido A 75 DP

This medium-sized unit runs at 7.4m, so it is more suitable for people with a bigger traveling party. It can house up to 4 people for 87 EUR per day. There are three double beds, so whether you’re traveling with a family or multiple couples, this unit can fit your needs. It also features front and top air conditioning, as well as a toilet and shower.


Lido M50SL

If you’re looking for a large budget-friendly RV, this may be for you! This unit is listed at 87 EUR per day, and runs at 7.36. It can spend up to three years on the road with two couples. Or, it would be great for families of 4. The front and top air conditioner, toilet and shower, and spacious main room will ensure a comfortable stay.

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Where to Stay

Dubrovnik provides a unique experience for RV travelers. The unforgettable landscape makes for convenient RV travel. When you’re planning where to park, Solitudo Sunny Camping Mobile Home has everything you’re looking for. 


Its location allows for easy access to Gruz Harbor and the Dubrovnik Ferry Port. It’s also within close reach to the Dubrovnik Cable Car and Natural History Museum. 


This campground offers most modern amenities that you’d expect, and then some. The bar and lounge is the perfect place to unwind after a long day. They also offer laundry facilities and wifi on-site. 


Their only additional fees outside of the booking fee include a cleaning fee (20 EUR per accommodation per stay) and a city-imposed tax of 1.07 EUR per person, per night. Their cleaning measures have been enhanced, and as a result, disinfectant is used to clean the property daily.


It should be noted that this campsite does not allow pets. 


Overall, this campground provides the luxury of a hotel stay with the experience of RV travel. It would be a great spot for new and experienced RV travelers alike. 

dubrovnik old town


In conclusion, an RV adventure in Dubrovnik might be just what you need. If you’d like to get away from the typical touristy spots in western Europe, the beaches of Dubrovnik will likely be a kind welcome. 


Enjoy the food, wine, and summer festival and return to a relaxing evening in your RV. Whether you’re traveling with a significant other or your family, Dubrovnik offers easily accessible RV rentals that can be picked up and dropped off at the airport.