Dubrovnik is a city of inspiration and if you are a traveler or a photographer, this town could be heaven on earth for you. Many photographers come to Dubrovnik for that very reason. One of those people that want to capture this little piece of heaven is Scott, a professional photographer from Nevada. He’s currently traveling the world and creating youtube videos but his photos are pretty amazing as well.

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“There are many reasons why I feel passionately about photography, but if I had to narrow it down it would be this. Photography is a key that opens the door to a greater experience. It allows the opportunity to connect with others as well as the environment in a way that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. It’s a way to touch others and inspire, while simultaneously crossing all language barriers by speaking directly to one’s deeper thoughts and emotions”, describes Scott.

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This guy is one of those people who never give up on their dreams. “ Life is too short to let your fears keep you from having the experience that you need in order to evolve. If that means selling all of your stuff and traveling the world with a camera, then so be it! I learned this in June when I watched my mother pass away. One of the last things she said to me was “I’m not ready to die. There is still so much I want to do.”  She always wanted to travel but could never find the time. I’m currently carrying her ashes with me and spreading them along the way. She would have loved Dubrovnik”, says Scott.

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Scott says that one of the main differences between Croatia and USA is the emphasis on the community and culture that you see here. So, that’s why he makes interesting videos about Dubrovnik. “My blog is really a Vlog or rather a collection of first-person travel videos that I am making as I travel the world. It is meant to hopefully inspire others to follow their dreams. My inspiration is really the world around me. Although, I am also inspired by some of the great work that I see coming from other travel photographers, vloggers and artists”, says Scott and continues “Traveling to me means the opportunity to expand one’s awareness and perspectives. I am currently in Dubrovnik. We initially only planned to stay a week. But we loved it so much we still haven’t left”.

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He considers Dubrovnik one of the cleanest, friendliest and most beautiful cities in the world. His favorite spot is entire Old town “It is like stepping back in time”, says Scott. “So far, my top 5 favorite photography spots in no particular order are…

  •  On top of the seaward side of the Wall
  •  Every back alley you can find in Old Town
  •  The Dominican Monastery
  •  The trail going up Mt. SRD
  •   Velika I Mala Petka (follow it until you reach the bluffs)”

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One of the highlights in Dubrovnik, for him and his girlfriend, is the free performance St. Blaise & Dubrovnik in music and words by Dubrovnik Authors, at the Franciscan Monastery on Fridays. For them, this is one of the best performances they have seen so far. But of course, let’s not forget Croatian food and wines. “So far my favorite dish in Croatia was a chicken breast smothered in mushroom cream sauce, served with a fresh garden salad and fries at the Lanterna in Old Town. Great atmosphere, great food, great value”, he concluded. If you want to see some interesting and funny videos about Dubrovnik, you have to visit his vlog.

Veiw From Old Town Wall

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