“The map of our life is folded in such a way that we cannot see one main road across it, but as it is opened out, we are constantly seeing new side roads. We think we are choosing, and we have no choice.” Jean Cocteau

Dubrovnik trip story

Morning. The smell of the sea and sunshine are filling my room, but my grumpy face is begging for a few more cozy moments in my bed. The moment of nirvana and morning nostalgia are interrupted by the alarm of my phone with the charming message:  “Get up, midnight boy. It’s time for Dubrovnik.”

And it is really time for Dubrovnik!

porto Dubrovnik trip travel

Six hours to discover the most beautiful city on the Adriatic Sea came as a very special revelation. High expectations had been set even before my arrival, due to the enthusiastic stories of my friends. One thing is sure, they were right. Dubrovnik is magical!

Old Town Dubrovnik GoDubrovnik trip

What I was hoping for from my short visit was to discover the place, to see something that other people had not seen and capture it with my camera. My main thought while approaching Dubrovnik was the certainty that I would succeed! Good afternoon, the gate is open, Stradun calls. I came to Dubrovnik without any plans for what to see and where to go. The tremendous old walls took me back to the past, creating the sensation of something unreal.

Karaka Old Town Dubrovnik trip

I allowed my eyes to wander, trying to capture all the history hidden in every corner. I was feeling so excited about the architecture as I started walking through all the narrow streets. I was amazed by old doors and windows. It seemed that they were waiting to be caught by my camera. I couldn’t believe that Dubrovnik had already captured me, even though there were still so many more things to be seen. The view along the main street, up steep steps and into narrow streets – these are things that Belgrade doesn’t possess and it all took my breath away. I sat down and enjoyed the moment. I didn’t realize that time was so briskly passing by. All I wanted was for time to freeze. That was the moment when I realized that a six hour visit was not enough. I wanted to see all the corners of the old town and it was clear that I wouldn’t be able to just enjoy the moment and sip coffee in the port – so I took ‘coffee to go’ and continued sightseeing.

Old Town Dubrovnik GoDubrovnik trip

The sun was getting lower and I was looking for a place where I could best capture the magical summer sunset. The view was taking my breath away. The port, the Adriatic Sea, Stradun – all magical. The time to leave was coming close, however I wanted to enjoy the moment a little bit longer.

Adriatic Sea GoDubrovnik Old Town karaka trip

I sat close by the sea, closed my eyes, deeply breathing and gathering all my impressions. It was not enough; six hours for such a magnificent city was definitely not enough. I left, but I didn’t say goodbye. I will come back!

Belgrade Dubrovnik trip GoDubrovnik

I have been living in Belgrade already for 6 years. I fell in love with the city as soon as

Belgrade Dubrovnik trip

I set foot there. Everything seemed so huge and spacious. Also, the way of living is fast and I was amazed by it. It is quite impossible to compare Belgrade and Dubrovnik, but one thing is sure: neither of these cities will leave you indifferent. Photography is something that makes me relax and I hope that I will succeed in enticing you to visit Belgrade. Finally, I leave you some space to create your own image of the city on the confluence of two rivers that never sleeps.

Belgrade Dubrovnik trip

Author: Stefan Burmazevic: Look at his Instagram profil for much more beautiful photo storyes!