Croatia is a beautiful country, as witnessed by millions of visitors who annually choose it for their tourist destination. But it also has a more bizarre side, not necessary meaning a repulsive one. As a matter of fact, some people come to country only to witness its strange activities, events and locations. Here are three of them, just to give you the vibe.

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The Ghosts of Lokrum

The island of Lokrum is located in close vicinity of Dubrovnik. People who want relaxation and enjoyment in natural beauty will find their terms there, especially if they are unafraid of ghosts. The last paranormal activity was noted in 2007, when local workers caught a certain ghostly figure on cellphone camera. Such event did not surprise historians, as Lokrum is supposedly cursed and haunted for ongoing two centuries. It all begun in 1808, when monks of St. Benedict order were forcefully removed from the island, after 800 years of dwelling its shores. Day before their leave, they supposedly walked through the entire isle, with candles lightened and held upside-down. This cursed the new owners of the island, and all those who’d come to rule afterwards.

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Now full of ghostly entities, Lokrum awaits to be cleaned from this terrible fate. This can be done only if every drop of wax, made by reversed candles, is found and removed from island’s land. Until then, we can expect more frightful experiences, even without cellar phone cameras. But don’t think of Lokrum as a frightful destination. When not showing the effects of its curse, it’s a wonderful destination full of cultural and natural inheritance.

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The Giant of Salez

A couple of centuries ago, public humiliation used to be the most common way of dealing with law transgressors. One tool of such punishment exists in a small Istrian village of Salez. It is the world’s only stone pillory shaped like a human figure, although quite large in size. The criminal would be chained to it, while local residents had the opportunity of throwing nasty projectiles on his or her body.

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These usually consisted of rotten food, and in some cases, the ‘ammunition’ was provided by relatives of the tortured criminal. This was because the crook brought shame to their name, and by participating in sentence, they were literally cleaning their honor. The stone giant was erected in 1769, and frequently used for several decades. During its career, it probably held a few innocent hands as well. Luckily, today it stays quiet in Salez’s bosk, waiting only for tourists to take photographs with him.

The Cannon of Gric

Every day, precisely at noon, a loud bang can be heard all over Croatia’s capital.While many foreign visitors are amazed with such sound, they got even more puzzled by the fact that locals immediately check their wrist watches, fixing their clock needles if needed.

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The bang is caused by a cannon (yes, a real cannon!) located in Lotrscak fortress, easily reachable by Zagreb’s funicular. Of course, the shot is blank, and commemorates the retreat of Turkish siege in 16th century. By folktale, Croats received brand new cannon from Austrian military, which had an increased range of fire. Precisely at noon, the weapon fired at enemy camp, blowing up a waiter bringing lunch to enemy commander. Seeing that Croats have a powerful tool on their disposal, Turkish leader decided to retreat his forces.

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As canon is located in Zagreb’s part known as Gric, it was named Gricki top. The custom of firing is practiced since 1877, and five canons have served their duty since then. The present one is active since 1987. Originally, the bang was used to coordinate the tolling of local church bells, but now, everyone tone their time according to cannon’s explosive marking of noon.

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