Top Places Across the World to Live In

Places Across the World to Live In

If you are looking for a place to move in and start a new life, you better have to do a little research. Good thing companies and organizations have compiled all the data and surveys they can get to provide you and other people a list of best places to live across the world depending on your priorities. There are many organizations that put a lot of effort to made up this list and look for the best places to live and visit. In order for these organizations to come up with their result, they have arranged it based on five separate categories, including healthcare, culture, and environment, the standard of education, and infrastructure. Surprisingly, they have come up with some interesting findings. Here are the top places to live in: 


This country in Asia offers a vibrant and multicultural feeling that makes it one of the most desirable places to live. Singapore has a well-built economic stand, a safe place for its citizen and immigrants, and have an excellent education and health care system, making Singapore a good country to settle down in the future. It may not have a cold season and mostly sunny, but it has all the other necessities that first world countries have as well. 

Calgary, Canada

There is no doubt Canada will be part of the best places to live across the world. Considering the tough competition between Toronto and Vancouver, Calgary officially has the best quality of life in Canada. They got an overall score of 97.5, making it the first North American city that makes it on the top list. Calgary actually got a perfect score in every category except for culture and environment, for which they earned a 90, which is still pretty high. The country is less in terms of population but can boast of much natural scenery like the Canadian Rockies and Banff National Park. Perfect if you are into nature and adventure day trips.

Places Across the World to Live In

Osaka, Japan

Japan is one of the most liveable countries in Asia. With its beautiful scenery and salivating food, you will want to live there forever. Osaka is known as one of the best cities in Japan. It is also one of the most favorite cities to visit among tourists. With its famous authentic Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki, you’ll fall in love with this city even more. Osaka almost got a perfect score in the score matrix but slightly off track with culture, and environment, and infrastructure.


There are two cities in Australia that top in this year’s ranking, Melbourne and Sydney. Both cities got a perfect score in health care, education, and infrastructure making them the two cities in Australia to live in if you want to have a better place. Melbourne gives you the best of the best in terms of lifestyle and sophistication. It also attracts many tourists for its best coffee and cuisine. Sydney, on the other hand, is planning to become more sustainable in the year 2030. It also set a goal to become eco-friendly as possible in the same year. 

Vienna, Austria

Gathering a score of 99 out of a hundred makes Vienna one of the best places to live across the world. This city in Austria got a perfect score in the healthcare system, education, and infrastructure. Vienna offers the perfect place for people who are looking for a fresh start. With the help of the government, and their decision to put most of their budget in infrastructure and housing, the cost of living in Vienna is much lower compared to most European cities.

These are the countries and cities that have the most livable environment across the world. All of them offer the best in terms of education and health. It’s up to you to decide which place suits your needs.