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Body armor is not only for law enforcement officers. Even civilians who are conscious about personal safety can legally own and wear it. You may also choose to wear ballistic protection if you have a profession that exposes you to shooting risks. However, you may have some doubts about the legal implications of traveling with the vest. Fortunately, packing it along is easier than you imagine, provided that you have your facts clear and follow the rules. Here is some useful advice that can help you make traveling with body armor a hassle-free experience.

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Air travel with body armor

According to the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations, you can carry a vest in carry-on and checked bags. But the final decision still rests with TSA officers, and they may not permit you to take it onto the plane. Ensure that you have enough time to have it picked up from the airport or return home to drop it off in such a situation. You will not want to miss your flight or get the vest confiscated. It is best to arrive at the airport early because you can expect extensive searches and questioning by the officials. Have legitimate answers, and you will not face any trouble. 

International travel 

Suppose you are a journalist or a private security guard and travel to international destinations. In that case, it is best to know the country-specific rules. While some countries permit civilians to possess and wear bulletproof vests, others do not. There may also be some rules and regulations in place about traveling with it. Certain types of body armor are considered to be controlled items in some countries. So ensure that the style and material come within the regulations at your destination. You can check engarde body armor and pick a variety legitimate in the country you are visiting. Never miss out on checking the local laws because not abiding by them can get you into legal trouble abroad.

Domestic travel

Things are a bit simpler if you need to travel within the country because it is legal to own body armor in the U.S. unless you are a convicted felon. You can take things pretty easy if traveling across state lines by road, but items can differ if you are flying. Airlines may have some restrictions on things they allow passengers to carry on their flights. You can check your airline’s website or call them to understand their stance on body Armor on board. You may pack it in your carry-on bag, though the weight may be an issue. Carrying it in your checked bags is a better idea but make sure that you have all the documents and receipts with your piece. If your profession necessitates are carrying a bulletproof vest, bringing along your credentials. It will keep you on the safe side.

Despite your concerns, it is possible to travel safely and legally with body armor in your luggage. But you must know the rules and stay on the right side of the law at all times.