A Comprehensive Guide To The CZ 75 TS 2 Pistol

Comprehensive Guide To The CZ 75 TS 2 Pistol

Seeking a state-of-the-art firearm to use in your next competition?

CZ’s TS 2 is a competitive gun that doesn’t completely break the budget, thanks to its innovative steel-frame design and other favorable features. The CZ TS 2 is the Czech company’s latest pistol series iteration. There are currently three variants to choose from, each with unique features and color schemes for the frame and grip.

Getting your hands on a TS 2 requires extensive testing to determine whether or not it can better meet your needs.

Stay tuned as we run down the technical details of this 9mm pistol, discuss its advantages and disadvantages, and even put it through its paces on the practice line.

After reading this guide, you will have a better idea of whether or not the TS 2 is deserving of a place in your range bag.

What is Pistol CZ 75 TS 2 Pistol?

Comprehensive Guide To The CZ 75 TS 2 Pistol

The CZ TS 2 is a new series of sport pistols explicitly designed for the IPSC Standard competition division. Externally, the latest CZ’s TS series member is distinguished by several changes, including a redesigned slide design, frame, and sport hammer. Nevertheless, this is only a piece of the iceberg. The new CZ 75 TS 2 series is the result of in-house development, the company claims, wherein the expertise of the CZ Shooting Team was fused with cutting-edge design and manufacturing techniques.

The CZ TS 2 pistol also features enhanced ergonomics, aggressive checkering tailored for a secure grip in various situations, and a single-action (SA) sole trigger system with quick travel and rapid reset. Also, it boasts greater precision and serviceability.

Additional features include a robust finish, a machined magwell, and a smooth anodized duralumin base. The front sight measures 0.039 inches (1 mm) and is made of red fiber optic material, enabling rapid and instinctive aiming. And if you’d like to spice things up with a bit of personalization, you may pick and choose from various parts and extras.

Key Features

The CZ TS 2 pistol’s primary attributes and advantages are as follows:

  • A unique single-action, or SA, trigger mechanism that has a short travel distance and a fast reset.
  • More accuracy and longevity thanks to the use of premium materials and cutting-edge technology
  • Enhanced frame and slide design for reduced effort, increased speed and increased dependability in use
  • Appealing slide, structure, and sport hammer designs
  • Ergonomic enhancements that make firing more pleasant
  • Aggressive checkering enhanced for a dependable grip in a variety of circumstances
  • Targeting is fast and easy thanks to the 1mm red fiber optic front sight.
  • Long-lasting paint job
  • Extended service life and excellent dependability with diverse ammo types
  • Precision-machined magwell and a base made of anodized flat duralumin
  • Extensive personalization options thanks to a variety of accessible parts and pieces.

Pros And Cons of CZ 75 2

Comprehensive Guide To The CZ 75 TS 2 Pistol


  • Intended to lessen muzzle flop
  • Substantial mag release button
  • Small-scale trigger


  • Dislikes nasty shots
  • Heavy compared to most alternatives

Given these pros and cons, reloads are rapid and straightforward because of the flared magazine well and the big mag release. The simplified slide lessens muzzle flip and aids in maintaining the accuracy of subsequent shots.

Benefits And Reasons Behind The Popularity of Pistol CZ 75 TS 2 Pistol

Exponentially More Refined

The CZ TS 2 variant features a single-action-only trigger system once more. Advanced shooters will love the new TS because of its sport trigger.

The new frame of this pistol is manufactured using cutting-edge CNC equipment. The second-generation CZ TS 2 can be produced using new manufacturing techniques that enable accurate tolerances as small as one-hundredth of a millimeter, resulting in substantially better part fit and longer service life.

CZ designers designed the new frame in partnership with shooters. It features enhanced geometry that, while not immediately noticeable when held in hand, may appear similar at first glance. Two sets of huge serrations on the newly designed slide make it easier to control the weapon and increase speed and accuracy, allowing for quicker, more accurate shots.

Because of the revised ergonomics and clever mass distribution, rapid-fire no longer compromises accuracy. The muzzle lift is little, and the muzzle returns quick and smooth. If the original CZ TS met your needs, you’d love the CZ TS 2 because it improves upon its predecessor by allowing you to fire faster and with greater precision.

Enhanced Front And Rear Straps

Checkering on the front and rear straps has been updated and made more noticeable to provide a firm grip, regardless of whether or not your hand is wet or coated in mud. There have been arguments concerning the texture of the grippy surfaces on the new CZ pistols since some customers thought some of the checkerings were too severe; however, with this new model, a perfect solution for everyone has been achieved.

Improved Targeting


Comprehensive Guide To The CZ 75 TS 2 Pistol The newly developed mechanical sights have proven to be successful. They have a somewhat high metal back sight that is customizable and a small red fiber optic front sight that measures 1 millimeter. The hammer has the typical slanted design and wide relief hole of CZ’s new sports specialties. The new machined magwell, which aids in inserting the anodized duralumin magazine, deserves special remark. The flat grips are constructed of anodized duralumin as well.

Sophisticated Safety

The standard model comes with a magazine release for the 75-style magazine that can be adjusted for height and ambidextrous manual safeties with an expanded safety on the left side (flat on the right). The slide stop, inspired by the design of the 75, can be swapped out for a pin by more experienced users in the Standard Division, where strategic reloading is more popular. The firearm is packaged in a large carrying case and is supplied with three magazines as standard equipment when delivered to the customer.


Before reading this article, you may have never fired a CZ firearm. You should know whether you will have a pleasant experience with this pistol. The TS 2 probably needs to be a cheaper gun for daily shooter use. Due to the absence of an attachment rail, it is also not the best firearm for covert or duty carry. However, steel-framed pistols tend to be heavier than their aluminum-framed counterparts. Users will have access to a vast selection of aftermarket components and modification choices for the CZ TS 2 series, which includes the base model.