What is the procedure of converting moles to grams?

moles to grams

The moles to grams is a basic conversion in chemistry and you need to understand it. The Moles to grams conversions are totally based on the Avogadro’s number  that is a numeric 

constant. The moles to grams calculator can be used to convert the moles to grams and grams to moles in matter to second. You can use the online tool to convert the number of moles of an element into the grams.

Moles to grams is not a difficult conversion, you just need to understand what the moles are and how you can describe the atomic weight of an atom in grams. Now consider if the atomic  weight of the Oxygen is 16, then you can describe the 1 mole of the oxygen as equal to 16 grams as its atomic weight is 16. You can convert the moles to grams by using online help like the moles calculator.

In this article, we are discussing how to convert moles into grams and grams to moles.

How to convert moles to grams?

You can convert moles to grams by knowing the number of atoms in one mole of an element or substance. For the simple conversion of atoms to moles and moles to atoms, you can use the following formula:


You need to remember the following conversion:

 6.0221415E+23 atoms = 1 Mole

atoms= 1 Mole/6.0221415E+23

You can convert the atoms to moles by the simple formula :

Number of atoms= Mole/Avogadro’s Number


6.0221415E+23=  6.022140857 x 10^23 

Number of  Moles  Number of  Atoms
1 6.0221415E+23 
2 1.2044283E+24
3 1.80664245E+24 
4 2.4088566E+24 
5 3.01107075E+24
6 3.6132849E+24 
7 4.21549905E+24
8 4.8177132E+24
9 5.41992735E+24
10 6.0221415E+24


 To add the substance in a chemical reaction, it is essential to know how many moles and grams should be added in the chemical reaction. You can get the equal among of the product to the reactant. According to law of conservation of masses, the number of the reacting substances are equal to the number of the products and vice versas.You need to add a fixed molar concentration of a substance in a chemical reaction to produce the desired products

The online moles to grams calculator to find the number of moles to grams   of a substance. This conversion is critical to the molar concentration for the molar concentration of the substances.

How to convert moles to grams?

The moles are equal to the number of atoms of 12 g C-12 

Carbon atoms= 6.022140857 x 10^23 atoms. 

Carbon -12 is a standard for measuring Avogadro’s Number

how to convert moles to grams?

Find the moles present in the 4.72 × 10^24 grams atoms of carbon.


 Now Number of atoms of Carbon= 4.72 × 10^24 atoms

We know that:

1 mole =6.022140857 x 10^23 atoms

Carbon Moles = 4.72 × 10^24 (1mole/6.022140857 x 10^23 ) = 7.84 moles of Carbon.

check the atoms to moles conversion by the particles to moles to grams calculator.

What is Mole of NaCl?

1 mol of NaCl (6.02 x10^23 ) is 58.44 g. Here  23 grams of Sodium of ,35.44 grams of Chlorine. You can convert moles to grams by knowing the number of grams in a molecule. You can convert moles to grams by moles of  various substances. Regardless the substances are the atoms, molecules or the ions. In this case the NaCl is an ionic substance.


NaCl (6.02 x10^23 ) = 58.44 g


23 grams of Sodium of 

35.44 grams of Chlorine


The grams to moles conversion is simple; you can use the  moles to grams calculator. You only need to long on the online tool and enter the values and you can convert moles into grams and grams into the moles with the online assistance.