Everyone and their mother knows that since yesterday Dubrovnik is covered with snow. If you are local, chances are that you, as well, have shared your photos and videos on Facebook and Instagram. We get it; there’s no such a thing as too much snow in this case. But when it comes to great content, some of us have pushed the limits even further. No, your good ol’ phone camera doesn’t cut it anymore.  Welcome to the 21st century, everyone. Today, technology (combined with talent) is bringing us a completely new dimension, that sometimes, it looks soooo good that you can’t belive it’s real. But, in this case, yes it is.

We are proudly presenting you our number one favorite video of epic snow day in Dubrovnik. The authors of this ahhh-mazing video are guys from 2thesign.com, who capture amazing landsacpes with their drones.

Well, here’s the video, see it for yourself! You can thank us later.