Over the last decade brunch became very popular. The reason for that is simple. It’s the story of two mealtimes breakfast & lunch that met, fell in love and united in something delicious. If you’re a breakfast person, brunch is for you. You prefer lunch? Brunch is for you, too. We looked around for the best brunch places in Dubrovnik and we finally found one. It’s called Konoba Jezuite. There’s nothing better than a table full of savory appetizers made of best local ingredients, bite-size snacks, delicious traditional meals with a modern twist, and some world’s famous specialities.

jezuite brunch

If you’re down for some Mediterranean food, don’t miss out on Mussels served in Dalmatian wine, garlic and olive oil sauce, or delicious fried squid rings with tartar sauce. You want to try the most popular meal of this region? Go for čevapćići served with home-made red-pepper chutney and red onion! Mexican food? Try chicken tortilla with veggies.

jezuite chicken wings dubrovnik


jezuite dubrovnik

jezuite dubrovnikjezuite dubrovnik restaurantIf you’re anything like us, you’ll simply love American classics like chicken wings with sweet chili sauce! DELICIOUS!!!! The same goes for the house specialty – Jezuite Burger.
If you’re a vegetarian or you’re simply looking to go meatless just a few nights out of the week, you can find some amazing meal options here. The vegetarian meals at Konoba Jezuite taste wonderful and provide the tasty meatless options without sacrificing the nutrients that your body needs.
Here are some of our favourite dishes from vegeteranian menu: Chickpeas pâté with sesame and butter served with warm bread, the amazing Cappuccino celery soup with truffles, Spanish Gazpacho with Mediterranean bread croutons,Tortilla vegetariana, Homemade pasta with forrest mushrooms, Zucchini and carrot ‘spaghetti’ with tomato sauce that taste even better than the real pasta, and of course Gnocchi with tomato sauce „SALSA“ and mushrooms….

jezuite dubrovnik

We already wrote  about some other fantastic dishes that you can taste here, including the Game of Thrones menu (on request). The gastronomy scene in Dubrovnik is simply amazing but there’s just a few restaurants that offer you a good location like this, extraordinary food, privacy and escape from City’s hustle & bustle. So if you love the taste of tradition combined with Mediterranean cuisine, Konoba Jezuite is a perfect place for you. If you add a beautiful terrace to the experience, and all those magnificent historical buildings that surround it, you’ll get a perfect place for brunch, lunch or dinner.

jezuite dubrovnik

jezuite dubrovnik

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