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where to eat in dubrovnik

Like every other beautiful place with a centuries-long tradition, Croatia has fantastic cuisine. We assure you the food in Dubrovnik is delicious. Every region of this country has many different and delicious things to offer, but today, let’s talk about Dubrovnik. We made a guide to help you get to know Dubrovnik’s gastronomic scene. Find out what and where to eat in Dubrovnik 2021!

Where to eat in Dubrovnik 2021

The gastronomic scene of Dubrovnik is diverse and will certainly not disappoint you, so it is no surprise that picking where to eat in Dubrovnik can become an overwhelming task sometimes. That’s why we compiled a list of all the best places to eat in Dubrovnik during your 2021 visit.


konoba nava

Tavern Nava is a verified palse where traditional dishes prepared according to local recipes are served.

This family restaurant was founded 25 years ago.

It is located along the main street Stradun in a typical Mediterranean street where the spirit of the city is felt, so the whole experience becomes even better. Guests also witness the freshness of the street due to the special way of building throughout the history of the city of Dubrovnik, which allows the flow of fresh air.

When it comes to the menu, it’s hard to single out only one thing to recommend. In addition to meat dishes, we emphasize fish specialties, the restaurant offers fresh and quality fish, shrimp, shellfish that are purchased from local fishermen, and conceived in the old fashioned way of cooking.

The wine list follows the same story. We offer a large selection of wines from this area, from Konavle to the Peljesac peninsula and the island of Korcula. From white wines: Pošip and Malvsija, and from red wines: Plavac Mali, Postup and Dingač.

As a dessert, the restaurant menu also offers a traditional Dubrovnik rozata.

The guest in this restaurant feels the family spirit, the relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere and the feeling that the dish is prepared just for him.

lucin kantun

This charming family-owned restaurant is truly a hidden gem of the Dubrovnik restaurant scene. Once you visit it and taste their dishes you will immediately understand why this small restaurant is a favorite among Dubrovnik locals and visitors alike. Fresh, locally grown ingredients, cozy interior, open kitchen concept, and great staff are only a few of the things that will leave you with wonderful impressions and memories after visiting Lucin Kantun. 

When it comes to their menu, Lucin Kantun has a dish for everyone’s taste buds. Whether you are in the mood for fresh seafood, a vegetarian dish, or a meat dish, you will certainly find something that suits you here. What separates this restaurant from others in Dubrovnik is its unique approach to traditional food and ingredients. Lucin Kantun is a place where love for food has met with innovation and a unique approach to cooking and made a wonderful story. 

lucin kantun

Boccapiena is a one of a kind ice cream shop located in the heart of Dubrovnik’s Old Town. This charming place is made for everyone who seeks a unique adventure for their taste buds. Boccapiena offers a curated selection of 32 different flavors free of food colors, refined sugar, and chemical preservatives.

Being genuine pleasure-seekers themselves, especially when it comes to sweets and frozen treats to cool down Dubrovnik’s hot summers. Boccapiena owners came up with an idea to combine their love for ice cream and the beauty of Dubrovnik.

Italian technologists and confectioners carefully create our recipes, so it is a high-quality, proven recipe designed by experts in this industry for years. Boccapiena had a team of Italian experts from the Carpigiani factory in Bologna help them out. By giving them full technical support with everything – from appliances to the Italian confectioners who devised ice creams and flavor recipes.

Boccapiena’s ice creams and frozen desserts are made with only the highest-quality authentic ingredients without additives or preservatives. All of the flavors are also free of refined sugar, food color, and chemicals. Most of their ice-creams are gluten-free and vegan as well.
This ice cream shop offers an essential ice cream experience that is creamy, sweet, and cold.

Our vision is always to have delicious, fresh, and high-quality products that will enrich Dubrovnik’s dessert offer. Have a taste of Boccapiena ice creams – you are a guaranteed #mouthfulofhappines!

take away

If you want to grab a quick bite during your sightseeing of The Old Town of Dubrovnik, Take Away is the best place to go. With its three locations, the Take Away franchise offers you a mix of fast food and on-the-go snacks. The three restaurants: Take Away Fresh, Take Away Mix and Take Away Orient are all located inside Dubrovniks’ Old Town. 

As a modern restaurant with a fast food concept, Take Away Dubrovnik sticks to the idea of satisfying their customers and making them happy and full. Not only will Take Away Dubrovnik delight you with its cozy and inviting atmosphere, but it will also impress you with food made out of high-quality ingredients and give you an entirely new look at the concept of fast food.

take away

take away

take away

taj mahal dubrovnik

If you want to try authentic cuisine during your stay in Dubrovnik, the Taj Mahal is the perfect restaurant for you. The friendly staff combined with delicious food will most definitely make your dining experience unforgettable. Take a peek into the world of traditional and authentic Bosnian food. Here you are guaranteed to taste only the best-grilled meat dishes prepared traditionally.

Taj Mahal prepares the meats that come from their butcher shop called Taj  Butcheraj. That way they make sure to keep up with good standards and high quality of their ingredients. All the meats are sourced from farmers all around Croatia, and the vegetables they prepared are grown by local farmers all around the Dubrovnik area. Although the Taj Mahal prides itself on its excellent meat dishes, you can try many vegetarian dishes as well. With its family atmosphere and friendly approach to each guest, there is no doubt that the Taj Mahal will charm you too.

coral beach club

Enjoying a beautiful view of the beach while eating a tasty dinner is a recipe for a perfect vacation. If you are looking for a place to eat outside of the Old Town of Dubrovnik and away from all the crowds, we recommend you visit Coral Beach Club. Not only will you be able to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach, or try amazing Mediterranean dishes, but you can also have a refreshing cocktail or dance the night away at the bar.

Coral Beach Club is a luxury open-air restaurant that gives you a perfect blend of Mediterranean and subtropical design, enhanced by the amazing food and drink offer. Here you can taste a variety of dishes prepared with fresh and local ingredients sourced from locals all around the Dubrovnik region. Other than the food you can also enjoy great Italian, French, and Croatian wines that will compliment your meal perfectly.

pizzeria mirakul

Located in the heart of Dubrovniks’ Old Town, Pizzeria Mirakul is a great place to grab a quick and tasty bite of delicious and simple food. This charming pizzeria has kept and perfected their family recipe for pizza dough that has been brought to Dubrovnik from Naples by the familys’ grandfather. From then on, grandfather’s pizza recipe has been kept a secret and prepared inside of the Mirakul’s kitchen. 

In addition to pizza at Pizzeria Mirakul, you can also taste other delicious dishes, such as a variety of pasta, lasagna, cold appetizers, salads, and delicious desserts. You can choose among a variety of different pizzas, and whichever pizza you choose you’ll not make a wrong decision because Pizzeria Mirakul only uses fresh and local ingredients while preparing their dishes. Once you try their heartwarming handmade pizza dough you will certainly come back for more of their delicious comfort food.


What to eat in Dubrovnik 2021 – 10 Dishes you must try!

Now that you have gotten to know all the amazing places and restaurants in Dubrovnik it’s time to decide on what you should eat. 

The food in Dubrovnik has many similarities with the rest of the coastal region. Diet is usually based on fantastic stuff like olive oil, fish, vegetables, and seasoned with rosemary, garlic, basil, and parsley. BUT, there are some meals that you can taste only in Dubrovnik, and we promise – they are quite spectacular. Not only will we make sure that you know exactly what to order next time you find yourself in a local restaurant, but we will also recommend a wine that perfectly compliments the seafood of your choice! You can thank us later 

Black risotto Dubrovnik

Crni rižot or Black Risotto

This is a typical Dalmatian dish and every decent restaurant in Croatia will have it on its appetizer menu. On many occasions, we eat it as a main course since it’s such a classic. It’s black because of the squid’s ink, but it’s usually not made only of squid. It also contains some other seafood like different sorts of shellfish; mussels and clams.

grk wine dubrovnikWhat wine goes well with this meal?

White wine: Grk or Grk Bijeli.

This famous white wine from Lumbarda will go perfectly with this dish!

Grilled fish Dubrovnik

A delicious seafood platter

Well, you just can’t go wrong with this one. Since seafood is still the most common delicacy of this region, let’s not complicate things too much. This simple and honest food comes from one of the cleanest seas in the world, the Adriatic Sea. The seafood in Dubrovnik is always fresh and caught nearby. When it comes to grilled fish, what you see is what you get, and you can always ask the host to recommend the specialties of the restaurant.

red wine dubrovnikWhat wine goes well with this meal?

Red wine: Babić

This one is a native Croatian red wine grape common to the Northern Dalmatia region. It’s typically grown around the Šibenik and Primošten areas.

mussels with buzara sauce Dubrovnik

Mušule na buzaru (Stewed mussels)

Everything that comes from the Adriatic sea is amazing, but this is my absolute favorite. Buzara is a method of cooking seafood, mainly the shellfish, typical for this area. Again, it’s pretty simple; shrimps, scampi, mussels or clams are cooked with white wine, garlic, parsley and breadcrumbs, and sometimes the tomato paste for color. It’s the best thing ever.

red wine dubrovnikWhat wine goes well with this meal?

Red wine: Dingač

Dingač is a Croatian top-quality red wine made of the plavac mali grape variety in a small area of the Pelješac sub-region.

fresh oysters Dubrovnik

Fresh Oysters

Eating oysters in Mali Ston should be an essential part of your trip to the Dubrovnik area. Trust me on this one. Even the top travel experts from Conde Nast agree that this should be on everyone’s bucket list. Why? Oysters that come from the seabed of Mali Ston Bay have been cultivated since ancient times and we can proudly say that they are the world’s most delicious oysters. The legend has it they were consumed in honor of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty… And who are you to argue?

grk - posip wine dubrovnik

What wine goes well with this meal?

White wine: Pošip

This wine is made of autochthonous white wine grapes primarily grown on the island of Korčula, and it will make this meal heavenly.


Makaruli Šporki (Dirty Macaroni)

There’s absolutely nothing dirty about this traditional dish from Dubrovnik. But why “dirty” then? Well, let’s just say that this dish is very similar to Italian Pasta Bolognese or Ragu di Carne, and it’s the heavenly meat sauce that makes them a little dirty… If you want a full recipe you can find it here.

zelena menestra Dubrovnik

Zelena Menestra ( The Green Stew)

Zelena ministry or the green stew is one of those traditional Dubrovnik dishes that you won’t be able to taste anywhere else in the world. It has been mentioned in writings since 1480! Even though many versions of this delicious meal exist in different regions of the Dubrovnik area, this dish is traced back to the Konavle region. The main ingredients are different kinds of meat: potatoes and cabbage.


The fruit of the olive tree

This particular plant has shaped the history and culture of Dubrovnik and the Dalmatian region, more than any other. If you follow the history of the olive tree and its products, you will be able to see how the olive and its oil shaped the history of human existence in this region. Either as food, oil, medicine, firewood, or just olive leaves as animal feed, the olive has always been omnipresent in this region. If you explore this area you will come across some olive trees that are thousand years old and still growing along the coast as a rich testament to the common history of people and trees, while the process of obtaining oil has not changed since the Roman era.

Dubrovnik Desserts You Need To Try!

ston cake dubrovnik recipe 1

The Ston Cake

Another amazing dish that you simply must try comes from Ston. Its unusual appearance made this cake a tourist attraction, both in Ston and Dubrovnik. It has been prepared for centuries. Many years ago when cakes were considered a luxury, this cake was made for festivities and celebrations like Christmas, Easter, and weddings. Local people used pasta for the filling to economize on ingredients. Every house had its traditional recipe but this cake is basically made of thin, unsweetened pastry typically zitone or penne pasta, locally called makaruli, firmly compressed and mixed with nuts (most often almonds and walnuts), lemon zest, sugar, sometimes chocolate and butter, all bound with beaten eggs. You can find the whole recipe here.

rozata dubrovnik dessert traditional recipe


This is the most popular dessert in Dubrovnik. It’s a custard pudding particularly popular during the summer months. When explaining this dessert, people usually compare it with creme brulee or flan. But every Dubrovnik local will tell you that this dessert is incomparable to anything else. Let’s just say it’s a silky-scented pudding drowning in pools of caramel. Make sure you check the delicious recipe here.

arancini Dubrovnik - candied orange peel

Arancini or Orancini

This traditional dessert of the Dubrovnik region is a candied orange peel! It can also be made from the lemon peel and then it’s called Limuncini. You will probably find it in every other house in Dubrovnik, usually served on the table as “candies.” It seems that this recipe dates from ancient times as well since the Romans used to gift their friends with it. You can purchase some homemade arancini at Dubrovnik’s most beautiful green market.

where to eat in dubrovnik 2021 For this article, we got some help from local gastro experts from dubrovnikeats.com 

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