What would you say if we invited you for lunch in one of the first orphanages in Europe? And what if we invited you for a glass of wine in Napoleon’s weapons store? Restaurant Klarisa is all that, and so much more.If you accepted our invitation, at the Pile entrance to the Old town turn right. We are waiting for you by the Onofrio’s Fontaine.

Restaurant Klarisa is situated at the old monastery of St. Clare. The monastery was built on the turn of the 13th to the 14th century, and is the most famous one of 8 female monastic communities in Dubrovnik. The orphanage for abandoned children was opened back in the 15th century, as a part of monastery, and it was among the first ones in Europe. When the Dubrovnik Republic was conquered by Napoleon’s soldiers, the monastery was converted into a ammunition storage. Today, monastery has multiple proposes, and one of them is a gastronomic one.

reastaurant klarisa

All the beauty of this place is hidden inside the thick walls. First thing you’ll see is the spacious terrace, surrounded by beautiful arches. The garden is hiding the trees of cheesewood and wild oranges. From the moment you step in, you’ll feel like you escaped from the city buzz and walked into a romantic, fragrant paradise.
Restaurant also has an inner hall. Modern and classic decoration  along with combined wood and stone exudes elegance. If you still prefer having a great view at Dubrovnik’s main street Stradun, while having a tasty lunch, there’s an outdoor terrace.

restaurant klarisa

When it comes to food, there’s no doubt. Perhaps because of the historical link, or just because of the perfect taste, the house specialty is Turbot fillet in paper bag. We’re talking about high quality white fish,  baked in a brown paper and served with vegetables. When you go back home, and brag to your friends about the most delicious fish you had in Croatia,, don’t forget to mention its historical importance. At the time of the Dubrovnik Republic, the fish was so valued that its catch signified raising the white flag on the ship, as a sign to other fishermen that the catch was successful and that the working day was over.

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Restaurant managers point out that they want their guests feel like home, so they choose only fresh and local ingredients that are bought on the market from Dubrovnik’s trusted vendors. Restaurant Klarisa gets all the vegetables and fruit at the eco farm in Konavle so the guests can enjoy only the very best on their plates.

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The selection of wines in the restaurant is carefully selected to provide your senses the best experience. We have to mention the prized wine Imperator. This wine comes from ten great young winemakers: Mladen Ančić, Phillip Baranović, Baldo Kangjera and Ladislav Kangjera (Phillip wine), Božo Daničić-Kačić, Viktor Farčić, Boris Mrgudić (MOKALO Ltd.), Anton and Hrvoje Šaić (OPG Borislav Šaić) and Boris Violić (OPG B. Violić). The winemakers used only the best grapes, processed in traditional way, and filled it in the exclusive bottles of a liter and a half. This wine is made for big company and this is the reason why it’s in the large bottle. It’s a high quality wine of limited edition (150 bottles a year) and the great news is that large number of these bottles you can find right here, at restaurant Klarisa.
For dessert wine lovers there is BURA Rose Prosecco, a superb dessert wine of sort Rukatac made of grape from the best positions of Pelješac penninsula. The production of this wine is also very limited; only 200 liters per year.

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Restaurant owners carefully selected the dessert as well. Make sure you try The traditional almond and bitter orange cake that’s served with roasted almonds and candied oranges. The harmony of flavors, colors and scents will be further complemented by the sounds of saxophones and bass in the jazz arrangement that come from the outdoor terrace. What makes restaurant Klarisa so special? Is it the interesting history, local ingredients transformed into best dishes, the most exclusive wines or the unforgettable ambience – experience it for yourself.

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klarisa restaurant

restaurant klarisa

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klarisa restaurant