The street ‘Uz Posat’ has a historical meaning for Dubrovnik, and the restaurant Posat is the place that has been cherishing the unique tradition for many years. Local groceries are nowadays a real luxury and this is why they are the main principle of the restaurant. The traditional cuisine with a modern twist will reveal the real gourmand in each person. Restaurant Posat, the real synonym for Dubrovnik’s quality and excellence, has been built by two excellent Dubrovnik caterers since 2004. From their very beginnings, they’ve been learning about the quality with love for a superb service.

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Since their first working days in Dubrovnik’s most luxurious hotels, Co-owners Mario Ševelj and Ivica Udženija have been friends; so their success and focus on business is the story about friendship and business excellence at the same time. They usually say ”It’s important to be a guest’s friend and offer him the very best, however both this space and this profession, are our biggest love because we’ve been building it for years. ”
Restaurant Posat is on the list of the most prestigious restaurants in the City because the owners wanted to offer something that you’ve already seen and tasted, but this time, on a completely new level. Posat’s value has been recognised by many celebrity guests that always gladly revisit the joys of special cuisine. One thing that surely enriches the superb offer of fish and meat delicacies is a stylish interior.


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The interior is actually a special bond that connects the cuisine, City Walls and guests. A simple yet elegant interior is mainly a combination of stone and wood that offers enough time to relax in scents and tastes of the traditional cuisine, but at the same time, the guests can enjoy a wonderful view from the terrace that overlooks the City and its walls. The furniture is made of beautiful, rich textiles that make this place even more glamourous. The terrace that offers a wonderful view to Pile, the sea and the historical stone all together offer an experience that you’ll keep in your heart for a long time, while an interesting fish menu will satisfy your desire for excellence.

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Ivica, the co-owner and the chef always puts quality and freshness of the products in the first place. He purchases organic products only from local growers and producers. Thanks to a beautiful seafood aquarium which is also a magical part of the interior, the fresh seafood is a promise. This year, chef Ivica is inspired by the unique spices that grow only in the sea coast area; sea asparaguses, capers, fennel etc.

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When it comes to the taste, sea asparaguses are very similar to the fennel. Ivica suggests that this interesting delicacy can be served as a salad or a side dish. Because of its intensive aroma it fits perfectly in every combination. Here, in Posat restaurant you can try out the sea asparaguses served with a swordfish. Fresh sea asparaguses are firstly blanched, then seasoned with olive oil, homemade vinegar and pepper. The swordfish marinated in bitter oranges juice, on a squid-ink cocktail won’t leave you indifferent.

wine posat dubrovnik PosatA traditional fish specialties and other delicacies of Dalmatian cuisine, meat dishes prepared the old-school Dubrovnik way are the perfect invitation in a gourmand world of the Posat restaurant, that raises up the standards of luxury by offering the exceptional service in the very heart of Dubrovnik. The Posat’s recipe for an excellent service is the quality of superb groceries that joined together with perfect meal preparation satisfy every single wish that a guest can have. This is certainly a place you should visit if you want to experience the best taste of the sea.

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