portable grill We all agree that summer is all about late-night talks, ice cream, and BBQ parties where you can host neighbors and friends to spend the day together and get some quality time. Relaxing with your friends and family is most people’s idea of a perfect weekend so they could catch up and blow off some steam after endless days at work. Some people prefer to have their BBQ at home on Watson’s pellet grill, others love to take the fun outside for a day out. Once you have the perfect portable grill and your camping gear, you are ready to go. Getting some Vitamin D and sharing a laugh and a nice dinner with your closest ones seems to be the perfect chilling activity to unwind. 

But where can you find the right spots to make some delicious BBQ? Listed below are some helpful tips where you can take your portable grill.


Some people want to secure a parking spot in advance for their favorite sports events. Take the Superbowl, for example. The Mercedes-Benz stadium where the Superbowl is held offers several parking spaces for people who are tailgating; however, you will need to be aware of certain requirements. You can find apps like ParkMobile to find a spot as soon as possible to save some time and effort on this matter. Finding the right parking spot, however, comes with the responsibility of having a printed permit to secure it. It’s also important to get educated on the information required for tailgating and pre-booking a spot. And if you don’t have the tickets, you will be able to find different spots from cozy pubs to fun beach parks that you can fire up that grill at. These places usually host a watching party while making some comfort necessities available such as playgrounds, dancing floors, restrooms, and endless choices of alcoholic beverages. You can choose to cook your food from a to z, or you can decide to try out some smoked chicken buffalo wings while you are cooking. Gathering around friends and family to enjoy a nice dinner while dancing, playing, talking, and having fun is the best way you will ever find that you can watch the game.  

Public parks 

Parks offer endless options of activities for different age groups. Kids will be able to play around in the wide green areas, while your young ones can go hiking, swimming, or helping around with the cooking. You and other adults can enjoy a cold one while you are firing that grill to cook your favorite recipes on a sunny day. These parks usually have also the option to hike with your dogs instead of leaving them alone back home. While you will have to go to these parks prepared with your portable grill and camping gear, many parks offer featured tables and amenities to help out hosts in making their day a bit easier and more fun. You need to understand that grilling outside in the park is so different than grilling back home in your own space. Public parks provide the perfect chance for enjoying the perfect sunny weather. 

Camping sites 

There is nothing in this world like taking out your camping gear and favorite portable grill and heading out to nature. Spending days outside camping with great views and weather is the perfect way to bring the family members closer over BBQ and late-night conversations while smoking some s’mores to enjoy with some hot cocoas. If you are planning on heading out to one of these camping sites, then you better be prepared. Make sure to make a list of the things you will need for your cooking recipes and other things that you might want to have out there in the wild. Camping doesn’t necessarily mean that you are stuck with eating lukewarm beans in cans and calling it a day. You can decide between some grilled hotdogs, burgers, or BBQ smoked chicken. 

grill outside

Having a portable grill will certainly make gatherings much more worthwhile because now you have the added element of fresh, delicious food, made by you, served on the spot. Regardless of the place you choose and what they have available in terms of different services, you must know that grilling in a public park comes with its conditions and requirements. Whether you want to grill at home, take the grill outside, or gather friends and family around for the game, you have the choice to move your grill and choose the perfect setting for you. You will find parks and beach areas that have some areas for grilling, and camping sites to enjoy cooking and eating your favorite food while having the perfect company around you.