Ston Bay: Oyster Capital of the Mediterranean


Did you know that by the 19th ct., oyster beds found in NY Harbor were the greatest source of these mollusk worldwide. You could get the raw oysters from the street vendors, Oyster Saloons; get them fried, dipped in butter, panned or made into a stew. The infatuation with oysters caused its mass destruction.
ston oysters shefs corner go dubrovnik Today, across the ocean you can find a little oyster paradise in Rimini, Italy.
However, due to the marine soil and its rocky nature Souther Adriatic sea, with all though respect to other hosting regions, we can name Ston as the Oyster Capital of the Mediterranean. Ston, a little place hidden in one of the Dubrovnik County bays is home to numerous oyster beds where traditionally St.Joseph Day is celebrated and recognized as an Oyster Day. It is said that on March 19th Oysters are the biggest and the best.

Therefore, save the date March 19th. It will be the feast for your senses, the sight as well, because the entire story is framed with beautiful Ston walls which is BTW the longest wall after Chinese Wall in the World.