Dubrovnik is a place where tradition plays the main role, but at the same time it’s a place that welcomes the new things while bringing them together with the rich history and structure of this magnificent city. The reason why Dubrovnik should be on your bucket list, is also an excellent gastro scene.

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Bistro Tavulin is located at the very heart of The old City of Dubrovnik. It’s a small oasis that lets you relax and enjoy the essential beauty of Dubrovnik. First thing you’ll notice is a spacious, shaded dining terrace, situated just around the corner of the St. Blasie’s Church that subtly invites you to enjoy the City’s architecture. At this point you’ll notice a beautiful statue Of Marin Držić, the finest Croatian Renaissance playwright and prose writer, so you can basically enjoy your coffee in his majestic company. The magnificent terrace view extends to the glorious Rector’s Palace. The fact it’s only a few steps away from the Old Town Market makes this location the centre of everything that’s going on in the city. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy your privacy thanks to the exterior that’s simple yet functional. This place is the perfect invitation to enjoy the taste of tradition with a modern twist.



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It has been recognised by the prestigious world guide of the supreme quality – The Michelin Guide.
The chef of this restaurant works his magic, so you can enjoy all the local dishes prepared the traditional way.

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In Bistro Tavulin you can expect a real taste rhapsody any time of the day. You can option for a delicious breakfast served with an excellent cup of coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice. Furthermore, you can have a nice lunch and enjoy the delicacies from the fish menu. There is also a special offer composed of three traditional meals called ”Dubrovnik’s dinner”. Fresh broad beans, polenta and barley are homemade, domestic products that come to your plate from Dubrovnik area. The fresh taste is guaranteed thanks to thoroughly preparation.
After every good lunch, heavenly dessert is a must. Dubrovnik’s flan or a delicious house chocolate specialty will impress even the pickiest eaters. Yes, you eat with your eyes first and this is the reason why the meal presentation plays an important role for the creative team of Bistro Tavulin.

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The beauty of this restaurant is highlighted by the simple and functional exterior, great position of spacious terrace and a typical Dalmatian house interior. Dalmatian stone and wood, sea shells, amphorae and ship models make this place even more unique and it’s pretty obvious that Mediterranean was the biggest inspiration for interior decoration. At the same time, modern and functional terrace perfectly fits the story about tradition.
This is the place where you can sit down and enjoy the view, the taste and the professional service. This place is basically a reminder that the best pleasures in life can be experienced while enjoying the small things. If you want to make some great memories in Dubrovnik, this is the place to visit. The memories you make here will not only make you revisit this excellent place, they will also make you longing for a return to wonderful Dubrovnik.

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