USA Oyster King comes from Pelješac


Decades ago Tesvich family has left Dubrovnik County. Homesick, nostalgic and perhaps cravings for their birth city have resulted with ​Tesvich Oyster Co. Tesvich sons were not born in Dubrovnik but it must have been the gens!
Tesvich Oyster Co. became recognizable brand and synonym for quality and premium service & product. We are bringing you a short story of Mr.Kuzma. The Oyster Grower from Louisianna . 


oyster go dubrovnik croatia 1. How Tesvich Oyster Co. idea came to life? What was your guideline?
My Grandfather, Ivo was here and brought his 2 sons, Ante and Kuzma. Both became actively involved in the oyster business. Kuzma passed away in a car accident with his younger son, Ante three months before Kuzma, Jr. was born. Ante continued with his family business as his sister in law Marija managed to hold on to her business as her other 2 sons grew. After attending some college, Kuzma, Jr. decided to go into the business full time in 1982.
2. The core product are oysters and supplying restaurants in Mississippi. Are there any “star” restaurants you cooperate with?
Our oysters are sold to brokers who ship them to different parts of the country. We don’t sell directly to restaurants. Some of the oysters through the years have gone to a local favorite restaurant, Drago’s.

OYSTER king go dubrovnik croatia3. Are there any differences in growing oysters in Louisiana and in Ston Bay for example?
There are many differences in planting and harvesting oysters in Louisiana and Ston. Our oysters are grown on the sea bottom and are dredged up with large rake like bags, unlike Ston oysters that are grown suspended in the water.
4. How often do you eat oysters?
We eat oysters several times a month, we can never get enough. A favorite way to enjoy them is charbroiled on grills with cheese, garlic, butter, and breadcrumbs.
5. The first thing you do when you come back to Dubrovnik is…
Visit my Teta Jasna and her family. Travel to see other family. Take walks, long walks. Kids are crazy for Dubrovnik Ice Cream. We all love traditional cuisine, grilled fish, pršut, olives, cheese…it is hard to make up my mind. Wine of preference, red …. any, I love it.

oyster croatia usa go dubrovnik6. How much oysters from Louisiana and Ston differ?
Our oysters are larger and have more meat. Both have a nice salty taste.

7. Your favorite spot for Oysters in Dubrovnik county?
Ston for sure.