Never in history people have traveled so much! Back in 2015 there was 1.2 billion international tourists arrivals and the numbers keep growing. We all travel in cities where millions of people are living but often times we don’t get to meet any locals which sometimes makes us feel like we’re ‘lost in translation’. Even though majority of travelers are eager to discover a new culture and exchange experiences with locals many never get  the chance to do so.

vizeat dubrovnik

And as you know the table is the original social network! Sharing food is one of the best experiences that one can have while traveling abroad.


Meet VizEat ! A revolutionary, easy and secure way to enjoy those uinque moments with locals around your favourite thing in the world – food! VizEat is Europe’s leading immersive food experience platform that connects travelers with locals to share ultimate culinary events at their own homes. There’s something for everyone: dinners, food tours, cooking classes, wine tasting, rooftop parties! Could this get any better? Yup. There’s 22 000 hosts in 110 cuntries, and everyone can join  ; individuals, groups, business travellers, Michelin star chefs, Masterchefs… You just have to show up and enjoy! These unique evenings take place in exclusive venues around the globe, and for the first time you will be able to experience this right here in Dubrovnik! 

vizeat dubrovnik

vizeat dubrovnik

Dubrovnik foodies, this is for you:

If you are already VizEat Host or are interested to become it, you can do it here.

– Discover more about the concept and be updated on Dubrovnik VizEat Activities
– Ask questions and offer constructive feedback
– Share your Vizeat experiences and anecdotes from events
– Achieve your audience, promote your events, develop new ideas, and create local synergies


If you are already a VizEat Guest, or you are interested to become it you can also do that here.

– Discover more about our local community and be updated on Dubrovnik VizEat Events
– Follow and support your favourites hosts around the city and suggest new ideas
– Ask questions, and contact VizEat admins want to organize a Private Event directly at your home!
– Share your Vizeat experiences and anecdotes from events

If you live in Dubrovnik we are sure that VizEat will make you discover a new way to eat out around the city. If you are planning your next trip in Dubrovnik at the moment, are you ready to live and share unforgettable moments with locals!?

Would you like to organize a Private Event with VizEat? Need Inspiration? Discover more here!

Photo: VizEat