What to eat in Croatia


The Mediterranean diet is among the healthiest in the world. Not surprisingly so, since it involves a lot of fish,veggies,tasty olive oil etc. Dalmatian cuisine includes the best of the Mediterranean way of cooking, but it also incorporates elements from the Dalmatian hinterland and Croatia in general. It’s all about indulging in excellent food moderately, according to the carpe diem (‘seize the day’) way of life.


Fish + olive oil

In the coastal regions of Croatia the cuisine has a rather Mediterranean flavour, as you would expect, with lots of olive oil used in the preparation. However, Croatian cuisine does have its own distinct identity, especially in regards to the cooking of fish. The tradition of grilling and roasting fish and delicacies of the sea has been carried down from generation to generation, where the taste of the fish depends on the grilling technique and the type of wood chosen. There is also the tantalising Dalmatian olive oil method of cooking, ”gradelavanje”, which gives the fish a particular and fantastic taste. All along the coast and the isles, the fish menus are unrivalled – even the humble sardine will never taste quite so delicious. Many Croatian fish restaurants have their own fishing boats, so you can be assured of the freshness of the fish. Also, it is not uncommon to choose your own fish from a selection of different species kept on ice in the centre of the restaurant.


Connoisseurs of cheese must try all the different cheeses on offer. In the markets one finds a thick white cheese svjezi sir sold in little plastic sacs and usually eaten, as an accompaniment to a salad, with salt and pepper. Paski sir, a hard cheese from the isle of Pag, is an excellent cheese and one of the most reputed.

Grapa Croatian Wine Pelješac Winery Miloš


Among the top quality red wines are Postup, Faros, Babic, the Dingac red from the Peljesac peninsular, and the Teran wine of Istria. Among the first class whites are Posip, Grk, Bogdanusa, and the well known sweet desert wine, Prosek.

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