Walking through the streets of Dubrovnik you will come across an unusual street food restaurant. It is called Barba – a Dalmatian colloquial word with a range of meaning: old gentleman or man of the sea…Barba is a fast food restaurant specializing in a street style of sea food. It offers a combination of traditional local flavors and spices that represent local cuisine. This is a feast of tastes presented in a new way. It offers a combination of traditional local flavors & spices that represent local cuisine. It is a feast of tastes, though the design has not been neglected either. Relaxed atmosphere with a hipster twist, on a very Dalmatian style resulted in unique & different contemporary setting. The atmosphere is relaxed and there is very fresh blend of the traditional Dalmatian with something more distinctively contemporary. Here is a combination of past and present with a fast and affordable way to enjoy seafood.

Barba sea food wine and dine Dubrovnik

“When guests ask me what it is that I would recommend from the Barba menu I find it a difficult question. Why is that? When we first had the idea for to combine the concept of real street food with the seafood tradition our discussions with experienced chefs produced a list of about 50 dishes. While not an impossible number it was a sum of their and my ideas and it was possible to exclude some for which the ingredients were difficult to obtain or which needed too much preparation.

sea food Barba Dubrovnik wine and dinne

We were a success from the beginning; but to stay that way is a challenge. So we innovate, we experiment and try new ideas. ” says Miho Obradović, the owner of Barba.His clear vision has become a reality in a very short time, “A lot of time goes into finding what we need and in final preparation, so we have limited our menu to only 12 dishes. Following the response to our first year, and the frequent wish by people to try everything, we offered a ‘Plata Barba’ – which is actually a combination of almost the entire menu for two people. This proved a very popular idea and has become our best seller. And eventually we came up with the trend!”” says Miho.

fish sea food Barba wine and dine Dubrovnik
In Barba you can enjoy simple food, in a pleasant setting and a friendly atmosphere. Here you can taste delicious foods like octopus burger, tuna sandwiches, salad, cuttlefish with nectarine, shrimp parmesan, some pasta combined with artichokes and mussels. Perhaps the most distinctive are the octopus burger and the seafood pizza.

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Our Sendi particularly enjoyed the burger and the new Italian cake. Sandy loves seafood and the relaxed atmosphere of the Mediterranean. So that’s why she would recommend Barba to everyone who feels the same way. “If you want to discover the magic of Dalmatian cuisine Barba is the perfect place for you”, concluded Sendi.

Barba Dubrovnik wine and dinne

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