Choosing the Best Wines on Your Dubrovnik Holiday: Four Things You Need to Know

best wines in Dubrovnik

Croatia is a country rich in culture and history, and if you’re a wine connoisseur, then you’ll be delighted to know that Croatian wines have been gaining popularity, and increasingly catering to a range of different tastes and preferences. When traveling to Dubrovnik, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to experience the very best wines that the city has to offer, but there are a few things to be aware of before you leave. In this guide, we’ll be discussing the top four things that you need to know before going on holiday to Dubrovnik so that you can make the best wine choices. 

The Best Finds Are Kept Under Wraps

Croatia holds some of the best kept secrets when it comes to wine, with the country’s indigenous grapes providing bursts of unique flavor. However, thanks to the relatively low volume of wine that the country produces, it’s common for local vineyards to produce only enough for their surrounding population. This means that for many people around the world, Croatian wine isn’t something that they’ve had the opportunity to experience, and therefore that the best picks from Dubrovnik are still waiting to be discovered. 

wines in Dubrovnik

It’s Easy to Start Out Simple

Dubrovnik is home to a huge variety of different wines, so it’s easy to start out simple. Take some time to consider what type of wine you like and think about your food preferences too when deciding which ones to try. Some classic Croatian specialties include: 

Red: A Croatian staple, you shouldn’t leave your holiday without having tasted the red Plavac Mali, which uses a combination of berries and a range of spices to find the perfect blend for red wine lovers. 

White: White wines like Pošip offer crisp flavors sourced from citrus fruits and spices like vanilla to create a stunning taste sourced from the Dalmatian grapes of Croatia. This traditional pick is a great way to experience the very best of Croatian culture with a wine that is famous for its unique and compelling taste. 

Dubrovnik Is Filled with Wineries and Vineyards

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In Dubrovnik, there are some beautiful wineries and vineyards that produce crisp, unique wines that can truly blow you away. While you might not be able to find as many wine tasting tours within the city as you might in more traditional wine-tasting countries, you can still experience the very best that Croatian wine country has to offer if you look a little off the beaten path. When speaking with the locals, make sure to mention that you’re interested in wine tasting, and see if they have any recommendations for the best picks – this will give you a truly authentic experience. 

wines in Dubrovnik

You Can Find Wine That Suits Your Lifestyle

Lastly, a great thing to know about Dubrovnik before you travel is that there are many wines available that will suit your lifestyle and health choices, no matter your circumstances. For example, when choosing a wine, you can make sure it’s keto friendly for a glass that will be lower in sugar and sulfites without sacrificing on quality. 

Croatia offers some of the world’s most incredible wines, so a holiday to Dubrovnik is the best time to make the most out of them – whether you’re a red wine fan keen on trying the famous Plavac Mali, or you’ve heard whispers about the crisp, flavorful Pošip, then Dubrovnik has the right wine for you. When choosing which drink to go for, make sure that you’ve sourced the best wineries or tasting experiences by speaking with the locals and discovering Dubrovnik’s best kept secrets. By following this guide, your wine-drinking experience in Croatia will feel like a dream come true.