Impress your date : Choose a perfect bottle of Croatian wine


Almost 10 years ago I discovered some of the Croatian wine varietals and man, what a discovery it was. In the southern region of Croatia you find some of the most tongue-twisting grape sorts.

New varieties, new tastes.

Lets quickly explain a letter pronunciation to make it easier to read a wine menu. First with the letter Š in Pošip. Simply imagine a letter H after the Š poship.. simple.
Letter Č, same thing: Korčula … Korchula.

So Pošip from the island of Korčula…
A grape sort I recommend for our sauvignon fans. A lively and refreshing summer wine often left clinging to the glass from its higher alcohol level, fantastic with grilled fish.
It is an autochthonous white wine produced mainly in small villages of Čara and Smokvica, but slowly making its way out of Korčula and up the Dalmatian coast.

Grk… a real back of the throat twister. A fascinating white also known from the Island Korčula which thrives from growing in sandy soil. With only female flowers, Grk must be planted next to other varieties in order to pollinate. Grk, if your into your Pinot gris, this is for you.

Rukatac or also known as Maraština. You will definitely see this number around the Dubrovnik scene, often used as a top up or blended with other varietals. Its an easy to drink white wine often used as house wines. Give a little loving , as I’ve seen with some wine makers and you can get a remarkable little number. From wine maker to wine maker we find differences, sometimes a funky wine on the nose, hints of minerals green apples and low acidity. Good simple easy budget wine.

dvino go dubrovnik croatia wine
Sasha Lušić, our columnist

Our next white wine line up, Dubrovnik Malvasija. Dating back to the times of the Republic of Ragusa, this is the only wine that needed the rector’s permission to be sold.
Malvasija, not Malvazija, see the spelling difference, is grown in the southern region of Dubrovnik – Konavle. Take the plunge into this sexy local number…zesty aromas, intense clean palate with the slightest touch of sweetness.
Our last intro and our first red wine intro, Plavac Mali, literally meaning little blue grape.
This guy has a long history. Linked and DNA tested to be a relative to the world famous Californian Zinfandel. Expect high tannins with this sort. The smaller the grape the thicker the skin, the thicker the skin the thicker the tannins. Be sure to ask if you’re more into the French style of wine as these tannins can be a little chewy.

For more of a in depth look at all these varietals pop in or make a reservation at Dvino Wine Bar Dubrovnik or drop a line at [email protected]
Whether by the glass or tasting options, we will run you through all you will need to know on Croatian wines and what to expect while on holidays.

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