10 of the Best Forklift Models for the Construction Industry


What makes the best forklift? How do you choose between all the forklift models available on the market?

As you may have guessed, not all forklifts are created equally. When purchasing a new forklift, there are several factors that you should consider.

What will this forklift be doing? How frequently will it be used? What size loads will it be moving?

Let’s get into the specifics. Here’s what you need to know about the best forklift models for the construction industry.

1. Toyota 8FGCU25

Toyota 8FGCU25 offers unparalleled reliability. It has advanced engineering, maximized fuel efficiency, and performance-driven design.

It has a lifting capacity of up to 8,000 lbs. It features an ergonomically designed operator compartment. This compartment has adjustable controls, easy-to-read gauges, and an onboard diagnostic system that notifies operators of maintenance needs.

The 8FGCU25 also boasts advanced hydraulic systems, energy-efficient transmissions, and exceptional maneuverability. It’s perfect for tight workspaces. The forklift is topped off with a unique Side-Shift Carriage system for extended maneuvering capability and low-cost ownership compared to other models. 

2. Caterpillar DP70N

The Caterpillar DP70N offers an outstanding combination of power, agility, and performance. The three-stage mast allows it to maneuver in tight spaces, and with easy adjustments for height, the load capacity is increased significantly. The DP70N features a 3.2 liter Cat C3.3B Tier 4 engine with a maximum output of 70 hp, giving it plenty of pulling power.

It also has the highest hydraulic system lift speed of any manned forklift of the same size. Its response times are impressive.

It is designed to meet the highest safety and ergonomics standards. As a result, operators can get the job done quickly and safely while feeling comfortable.

3. Komatsu FD30T-16

Komatsu FD30T-16 features a 3000-pound lift capacity, perfect for heavy loads. Its three-stage mast design allows for excellent maneuverability, even in tight workspaces. Moreover, the truck is compact, which helps to move around close corner points without any issues.

The Komatsu FD30T16 is comfortable to operate. Thanks to its ergonomic design and user-friendly features.

The forklift manufacturers can easily control directional travel from the overhead console. It is designed to amplify operator comfort, even after prolonged periods of use.

4. Hyster H190FT

Hyster H190FT is a high-powered, three-wheel forklift that is designed to be able to handle the most challenging construction forklift tasks. It offers superior power, versatility, and reliability, making it one of the best forklift models.

The Hyster H190FT features a 6,000-pound capacity, side-shift and tilt functions, and many other options that make it an outstanding choice for construction sites. With its extra-long wheelbase, it can navigate narrow aisle spaces, while its advanced suspension system allows for even weight distribution and precise steering. 

5. Mitsubishi FD70N

Mitsubishi FD70N has a lift capacity of up to 7,000 lbs. and a maximum travel speed of 11.4 mph. This model also features a multi-functional display and a wide range of safety features. Its large motor and low-maintenance construction make this forklift ideal for the construction industry.

Its ergonomic design ensures the operator a comfortable and safe ride, which is especially important in tight job sites. The Mitsubishi FD70N also has an efficient direct-injection diesel engine that requires minimal fuel and produces minimal smoke and emissions.

6. JCB 940 RTFL

JCB 940 RTFL has a powerful and fuel-efficient engine, enabling it to tackle the most demanding tasks. Its articulated chassis design provides maximum maneuverability and a heavy-duty transmission capable of hauling up to 11 tonnes. The cabin is roomy and well-equipped, with a wider door opening and adjustable suspension for greater driver comfort.

The design also ensures excellent visibility for the operator, enabling them to perform more efficiently and safely. It also offers a range of safety and convenience features, further increasing efficiency and operator safety.

7. Clark C30C

Clark C30C features a robust, reliable engine and superior lift capacity. Its ergonomic design allows for increased operator comfort and safety. The C30C has various features, including electronic fuel injection, a two-speed transmission, a full cab enclosure, a pintle hook, outriggers, and an adjustable mast.

It is also fully customizable, enabling it to be tailored to any job site’s needs. It is well-suited for lifting palletized goods, long pipes, and vehicles.

8. Doosan GC35S-5

With a 5,500 lbs capacity and a 35.5″ lift height, the versatility of the Doosan GC35S-5 is second to none. It also comes with a robust 3-stage design mast and a side shifter Multi-Function Control (MFC), allowing it to be easily used in various lifting, lowering, and stacking scenarios.

The GC35S5 includes a tilt cylinder that provides optimal stability when lifting heavy loads. This makes it an excellent tool for lifting beams and other construction materials on the sides of buildings. The comfortable operator’s cabin has air conditioning and a suspension seat, making it a perfect choice for long shifts.

9. Yale GDP190VX

Yale GDP190VX can lift 5,500 lbs. and has a lift height of up to 190 inches. It features a high-efficiency power system that significantly reduces fuel consumption, an automotive-style cab with superior ergonomics and comfort, and an electronic operator presence system that increases operator safety.

This model offers an optional cushion power steering system that helps maneuver tight spaces more efficiently by reducing in-cab steered wheel turning effort. It also comes with several extra storage compartments and a winch attachment for added versatility in material handling.

10. Material Handling Forklifts

Material handling equipment is essential for efficient operations in any construction industry. Many models are available to suit all kinds of construction requirements.

General-duty forklifts are the most commonly used in construction and are great for moving and stacking heavy payloads. Heavy-duty forklifts are built to handle heavier and more specialized materials and can be used for multiple purposes.

Telescopic forklifts are perfect for narrow areas and long-distance loads, and rough terrain forklifts are great for off-road tasks. Programmed lift trucks can move materials in a programmed pattern and automate tasks. 

Choose the Best Forklift Models That Suit For Your Needs

When in the market for a forklift for the construction industry, understanding the safety regulations and user needs is imperative to make the most well-informed decision. The ideal choice is to invest in a suitable forklift model that will work for your company inside and outside the workplace.

Start browsing now to find the best forklift models for your construction projects!

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