8 Best Rainy Day Camping Activities for Toddlers


Imagine if you are out camping with your kids, and it starts raining. In this scenario, what should you do to keep your kids entertained? Well, there’s the option of giving them phones – but is that ideal when you can have your own special bonding time with them? 

When it comes to rainy-day camping activities, there are a lot of options to consider. In this guide, I’m going to go over some of the most fun ones. So, read on till the end!

  • Read a Book 

Books might sound like a snoozefest to most kids, but a good story will certainly keep them hooked! Keep in mind that you’re dealing with toddlers. Hence, it’s best to get toddler books having colorful animations, adorable characters (like animals), and bright colors. 

All you need to do is cozy up with your kids and the book, and narrate the story to them. Don’t forget to add special voiceovers for different characters if you want them to stay interested. 

  • Do Some Painting! 

It’s time to bring out your inner Picasso with your kids. Painting is one of the best activities for rainy days. Moreover, it is also one of those activities where you can have your own special additions. 

For instance, if your kids are bored with basic painting, why not make it different? Try fingerprint painting with them, or something similar. If you don’t have paper, try getting some pebbles from the outdoors. Then, you can draw funny faces on the pebbles, or even paint them with your little toddlers!

  • Sing Camping Songs

Adults and kids alike – everybody loves some good old camping songs! So, if you’re too tired to do any exhausting activity, simply start singing your favorite camping songs with your toddlers. 

You can also make it more fun for the kids by singing camping-related nursery rhymes. This way, they get to learn some cool rhymes while also enjoying their time indoors. 

Along with camping songs, you can also dance with your toddlers to have a fun physical activity too.  

  • Play Word Games 

When it comes to indoor playing, word games are never running out of fashion. These games are fun to play, and are also beneficial for your toddler’s brain development. 

Now, you may wonder what kind of word games can you play with a toddler. Is that even possible? Well, there are several options such as the animal rhyming game, I spy, and make a word. You can also try to solve words puzzle with them, and teach them how to do so. 

Playing word games with toddlers might be a bit difficult, but if your little one loves brainy stuff, they won’t complain!

  • Build a Fort 

Building a fort at home is a part of everyone’s childhood. After all, you must remember the time when you’d gather lots of pillows and blankets to build your own little “fort” and hide inside it. 

You can do something similar with your toddler. If you have a lot of pillows and blankets in your tent/RV, try building a little fort with them. After you’re done building the fort, you can sit inside it with your kid, and have fun with them!

Ensure that you don’t take up too much space as that might make it extremely uncomfortable inside the tent or the RV. 

  • Play Treasure Hunt 

If you have an RV while camping, then you can try playing an indoor treasure hunt. All you have to do is hide something in the vehicle, and give your kid hints. Then, help them find the other hints, and finally the hidden item. 

If you have two kids, you can try dividing them into separate teams, and then see who finds the hidden item first. 

  • Movie Time!

A good movie and a rainy day is the best combination. So, why not utilize the lovely rainy weather to watch a fun and entertaining movie with them? 

If you have a TV in your RV, or a laptop with you, start a Disney or Pixar movie. Most kids would absolutely watch an animated movie without any complaints!

  • Try Something Crafty 

Lastly, you can do some art and craft with your toddlers if it’s raining. For instance, you can make paper boats with them, or even paper jets. 

If you have any leaves around you, you can paint them too, just like pebbles. Or, if you have any spare clothes, try DIY-painting them with your children!

Final Thoughts

Camping is a fun and adventurous sport for kids. However, if it starts raining, it can easily dampen your kids’ mood. Yet, there are activities, such as the ones stated above, that can keep your kids fully happy and entertained. 

So, the next time it starts raining while you’re out camping, try these activities. Happy camping!