Are There Any Pre-Treatment Instructions Before Getting Botox ?


BOTOX® is hands down the most popular cosmetic injectable. For over two decades, men and women have been turning to this not-so-secret treatment to smooth away expression lines and dynamic wrinkles. Patients love this injectable because the product is fast-acting, the results are long-lasting, and the treatment process is quick, convenient, and comfortable. Before getting BOTOX® at a Kansas City med spa, there are some instructions you’ll need to follow to ensure the best possible results.

Are There Any Pre-Treatment Instructions To Follow Before Getting BOTOX® Treatments at a Kansas City Med Spa?

Before getting BOTOX®, you must follow some pre-treatment instructions in the days leading up to your appointment. Following these instructions is crucial for a successful injection experience and the best post-treatment results.

Once you schedule your initial consultation at your local Kansas City med spa to learn more about BOTOX®, your injector will provide you with a complete list of pre-treatment instructions so that you don’t miss a thing.

Avoid Anti-Inflammatory Supplements and Medications

Before your treatment, you must temporarily discontinue using anti-inflammatory supplements and medications for at least a week. These include but are not limited to blood-thinning supplements like aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oil, ginkgo, and vitamin E.

At your consultation, your injector will provide you with a thorough list of these supplements and medications so that you can discontinue use if you currently take them. You won’t have to discontinue them forever and can resume your normal routine within a few days of your injection appointment.

Skip Happy Hour

When you schedule your BOTOX® appointment, you must do so when you know you can temporally avoid alcohol consumption. Before your appointment, you must avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours pre-treatment.

Like anti-inflammatory supplements and medications, alcohol thins the blood, which can interfere with the injection process, the recovery, and the results. If you have a work event, happy hour, or special occasion coming up, be sure to schedule your appointment accordingly.

Avoid the Sun

It’s also important that you avoid sun exposure and the days leading up to your BOTOX® appointment. Sun exposure, and particularly sunburn, create unfavorable skin conditions for injections. If exposed to the sun before your treatment, apply quality sunscreen or wear protective clothing to ensure the best possible injection experience.

Stay Hydrated

Another way to prepare for your injections is by drinking plenty of water before your appointment. BOTOX® injections always work best on well-hydrated skin. If you find it difficult to drink enough water, try flavoring it with a natural electrolyte supplement, mint leaves, or fruit.

Work Out Before Your Treatment

After your appointment, you must avoid strenuous workouts and anything that increases your body temperature for at least 24 hours. If you work out daily, schedule your workout before your BOTOX® injections. That way, you can plan accordingly and won’t have to miss consecutive workouts. You will still be able to engage in mild activity like walking after your treatment, but you will need to avoid extreme exercise.

Avoid Certain Skin Care Treatments and Topical Products

While anti-aging skincare products and treatments promote younger-looking skin, they often use techniques or contain ingredients that can temporally cause an inflammatory response, which is not an ideal skin condition before a BOTOX® treatment.

Schedule your anti-aging treatments at least two weeks before or after your BOTOX® injections to ensure that your skin isn’t irritated or inflamed but has a balanced skin pH level.

Your injector will give you details about which topical products you should avoid that could also cause skin irritation: typically products with strong exfoliating ingredients and retinoids.

Am I a Good Candidate for BOTOX®?

If your expression lines make you feel less confident about your appearance or make you look old, angry, or unapproachable, BOTOX® treatments may be the solution you need to restore your youth and your confidence. The best candidates are not allergic to any of the proteins in this injectable, are over 18, have realistic expectations about the outcome, are willing to follow all the pre and post-treatment instructions and understand that regular follow-up treatments are necessary to maintain results.

If you want more information about BOTOX®, the first step is to schedule a consultation at your local med spa, so you can meet with an injector who can give you all the details about this treatment and how it works and confirm your treatment eligibility.

Experience the Benefits of BOTOX®

BOTOX® is a safe, effective, and fast-acting cosmetic injectable. It’s the perfect solution for those who have done everything possible to eliminate expression lines but have been unsuccessful. If you have forehead lines, frown lines, or crow’s feet that are not responding to skin care treatments or anti-aging products, a customized BOTOX® treatment plan can eliminate these lines, so you can reclaim your youthful glow.