Features of industrial automation


Implementation of systems from TR-Solutions https://tr-solution.com/en increases the efficiency of the organization itself, saves time and effort, increases the quality of manufactured products and uses all the capabilities of the facilities with maximum benefit for the enterprise.

Today, there are three main categories of automation systems for industrial enterprises, and they depend on the needs and capabilities:

  1. Full automation. It is used in cases where the production of certain goods is fully streamlined and has a high percentage of profitability. All processes carried out by production can exclude humans as the main link, providing them with complete safety.
  2. Complex automation of industrial enterprises is used by those companies that have already been able to reach a high level of their development, and all their production processes are clearly streamlined. As part of this automation, plants, branches and factories operate according to strictly specified parameters and are managed by a single center. The main function of the personnel is only to control the work performed by the equipment.
  3. Partial automation is the installation of computer equipment and the necessary software that can track all the functions produced, but provides them with efficiency only in some areas of the production process. This type of automation is useful for those companies that are just starting their production activities and for these reasons cannot afford full automation.

Despite popular belief, automation of industrial enterprises rarely leads to a wave of layoffs, since no machine can completely replace a person; its purpose is to simplify and facilitate the employee’s work.

Stages of industrial automation

The process of automation of any production is an important stage on the way to improving the quality of work of absolutely any enterprise. Industrial automation is simply irreplaceable for old productions.

Before you begin to modernize existing enterprises, you need to go through several stages:

  1. Assess the current state and quality of equipment in production in order to find out the exact problems and determine the direction of development.
  2. Diagnose technical equipment at enterprises. This stage will help identify existing problems and equipment breakdowns.
  3. Thoroughly study the similar market of foreign manufacturers. Perhaps their developments will have a significant impact on the modernization of domestic equipment. This stage will also help prevent mistakes already made by colleagues.
  4. Choose a development vector and stick to it. At this stage, it is important to define the goal and the desired result from the upcoming modernization.
  5. Follow the planned action plan and gradually begin introducing new products into production.

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5. Innovative solutions and technical expertise

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Industrial automation, as a rule, gives a second wind to production. The main thing is that this process is carried out comprehensively and covers all areas of the enterprise. This will help prevent potential problems on the path to development and prosperity.