Moving Made Easy: Proven Strategies From Professional Movers


Moving is stressful. With many tasks that must be completed in a short period, any person may quickly become overwhelmed. Putting a plan in place to handle this move can help keep stress levels down. What strategies can be used to make the move easier?  

Booking the Movers at the Right Time 

Movers have busy seasons, just as other professionals do. By knowing when to book movers, a person can save money. Weekday moves are typically less expensive than those that take place on the weekend. In addition, book this move for the middle of the month. Those who choose to move on the last weekend of the month will usually pay the highest prices. In addition, schedule the movers early, as Artisan Movers does get booked quickly. By being proactive, a person can get the movers they desire at an affordable price. 

Never Wait Until the Last Minute

Moving is rarely a fun task. Countless things must be done as part of this move, and being forced to rush through them could lead to something being overlooked. Begin planning the move early, and complete tasks well before the day of the move, if possible. For example, request school and medical records weeks before the move. Doing so allows the school and medical provider to gather these records while ensuring the family isn’t running around a day or two before the move to collect these documents. If anything changes between the time the records are collected and the move, the new information can simply be added.  

Pack Early

As with other tasks associated with the move, it is best to begin packing early. Many things aren’t used daily, and some items in the home are for seasonal use. Begin this task by packing those items so they are out of the way. Next, move through the different rooms in the home packing items that are decorative rather than functional. By spreading the packing out over weeks rather than days, a person can reduce the stress associated with the move. 

Plan Meals

Figure out what the family will eat once the kitchen is packed in the current home until the items are unpacked in the new residence. Some families choose to make freezer meals and carry them in a cooler to the new residence. They can then eat these freezer meals for the first week or so until the kitchen is unpacked. Other families opt to invest in a meal-delivery service for the weeks surrounding the move. There are many options today a person can consider, so they won’t spend weeks eating out and ruining their waistline in the process. 

Contact Utility Providers

Nobody wants to pay two electric or internet bills. Sadly, disconnecting utilities is a task that may easily be overlooked. The family doesn’t want to do this too soon, as they may find themselves sitting in the dark in the residence they are leaving. However, they also don’t want to pay the new owner’s electric bill for weeks after the sale is complete. Once a moving date has been selected, call the utility providers and ask that the utilities be cut off that evening. Most providers, if not all, can easily accommodate these requests. 

With the help of these strategies, any person can reduce the stress associated with a move. Ask the moving company for other hints and tips. They are happy to share what they have learned over their years in the industry with the customers they serve.