“For me photography is more than just a hobby; I have a deep love for the whole process. I started taking photos at an early age and I was always fascinated by the way you can tell a story with a single picture and put all kinds of emotions in it”, says Ivan from Mali Losinj. Young photographer with a big talent. This is his story and story about his home.

underwater photography Ivan Brcic

It’s a part of my life that never stops growing, because I feel I’m constantly learning new things, either in photography itself or in the new technologies that are always appearing. It’s hard to say what my greatest inspiration is. I like to take photos of landscapes, portraits, nature and all kind of themes; there’s no particular style of photography that I do the most. That’s why I try to find something interesting even in ordinary places. If I had to choose the most fulfilling style it would be underwater and long-exposure photography. Taking photos underwater is like stepping into another dimension. Everything becomes clear, you have a perfect vision of what you want to do and it doesn’t take too much of an effort do it.

underwater photo Ivan Brcic Mali Losinj

It feels as if time has stopped for a moment and you can do whatever comes to mind. Long-exposure photos on the other hand are challenging. You usually have a clear vision what you want your photo to look like, but sometimes you’re unable to do it. The position of the camera is not right, the tripod moved for a moment while shooting, the light is not right, there is too much wind and the camera is moving, etc, etc… But the moment you get the photo you want and you connect the camera to your computer and see the photo in full scale, you’re bursting with joy. I’ve often found myself at 3 am, maybe after taking photos of a storm, and cheering and laughing how some photos have come out.

photography Ivan Brcic underwater

I’m very closely connected to the place I live (Mali Lošinj) and so I’m addicted to the sea. You could say that the sea is my greatest inspiration, not only in photography but in life. I run a small business – a Windsurfing, Catamaran sailing and SUP (stand-up paddling) school, and in that way my life is often on the sea itself. While not working I find myself often doing photos underwater or visiting the hidden beaches around the island. The Island is filled with beautiful beaches, mesmerizing coastlines and amazing seabed, so finding any kind of inspiration is really not that difficult. Anyone who has visited the Croatian coast can say the same thing. There are always two kinds of people who visit Croatia – those who are visiting for the first time, and those who are coming back again.

diving underwater photo Ivan Brcic

Do I want to carry on doing photography in the future? Absolutely YES! Will it be in a more a professional manner like weddings, art projects or something similar? I’m not sure – I did try it once,  but then your hobby becomes your work and you don’t have so much free time to take the photos you want do to – or you don’t feel like it doing them because you are constantly sitting on computer and editing photos.

photos underwater Ivan Brcic

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not a bad thing; but if you’re doing photos for someone else all the time, you will only rarely find the occasion for taking photos for yourself. In my experience the best photography happens while having fun with your friends, going on a spontaneous trip by boat, a road trip with bikes or a car, taking photos of sudden thunderstorms, etc. Because you never have the pressure or feel an obligation to make something; it’s about having fun and enjoying the moment.

Mali Losinj underwater photo Ivan Brcic

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