Continuing the Adventure from Dubrovnik: 6 Nearby Places You Need to Consider

places to visit near dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is one of Croatia’s most beautiful and ancient cities. The best part about is that it is on the Adriatic Sea, which means that not only do you get to enjoy Dubrovnik’s famous Old Town (and its myriad bars and restaurants), but you also get to relax and enjoy the region’s warm weather by the sea. However, Dubrovnik isn’t all that Croatia has to offer. In fact, in the surrounding area, there are lots of towns, cities, and destinations that are well worth visiting. This post will tell you about some of the best places to visit near Dubrovnik:

6 Places to Visit Near Dubrovnik


Before moving on to areas and destinations close to Dubrovnik, it’s first important to reference Slovakia. Slovakia is a destination that’s sadly overlooked by a lot of travelers, but that is one of Europe’s most interesting (and beautiful) nations. You can take direct planes from Croatia to Slovakia. According to the transportation specialists from, you can then get an airport transfer directly to your hotel. There are lots of places for you to visit in Slovakia, some even rival Croatia. The nation’s capital is by far the most popular tourist destination, mainly because of the huge, beautiful castle that’s located there. Bratislava Castle is without a doubt one of Slovakia’s best. If you have a long vacation booked off of work, then you should consider taking a trip to Slovakia while you are in Croatia. You won’t regret visiting.


Lopud is a small island that’s just off of Dubrovnik’s coast. It is part of the Elaphiti Island chain. You can take a boat directly there from Dubrovnik. If you are visiting Dubrovnik during the summer, then that’s the best time to visit Lopud, because the weather is incredible. Most people visit the islands for its lagoons and white-sanded beaches, but there are also some great hiking trails running through the island’s interior. The population is very small, however, so don’t expect there to be a bustling town for you to visit when you get there. The population is only around 200 people. The most popular beach on the island is the Bay of Šunj.

Sipan Island

Sipan Island is another Elaphiti Island, it is the largest one and definitely a place to visit near Dubrovnik. You can take a boat directly from Lopud to Sipan, or from Dubrovnik. If you are going to visit Sipan Island, then the summer is the best time for you to do so. Like Lopud, the island has some incredible beaches, but also some very fantastic hiking trails for you to take. The island also has a beautiful monastery and was likely the location for the Battle of Tauris, which took place during Caesar’s Civil War. There are hotels on the island for you to stay in, which if you do will then give you the opportunity to enjoy the island’s many sights.


Slano is a small village, located near Dubrovnik. You haven’t ever experienced Croatia until you get out into its country and rural areas. Slano also has a bay, of the same name. Slano is a place with some incredible historical connections. It was used in prehistoric times, as well as in ancient Rome, and was also used by the early Christians. It is possible to see a Christian sarcophagus in front of the village’s Franciscan church. It is somewhere that you won’t want to miss if you are interested in history.

places to visit near dubrovnik


Loviste is a seaside town, a little further away from Dubrovnik than the other places mentioned so far in this post. It is still part of Dubrovnik-Neretva county, though. Loviste’s population is small, but it is still very popular with tourists. The reason that it is so popular with tourists is because of the village’s sleepy nature. There are several hotels and places where you can stay. It’s also worth considering Airbnb if you want to stay in one of the local houses.

Krka National Park

Krka National Park is one of Croatia’s most beautiful parks. The park’s waterfalls are what it is known best for. There are several hiking trails that encircle the waterfalls. In addition to a series of waterfalls, there are also some natural pools, in which you can swim. Check with the park ranger first before swimming, though, because you aren’t allowed to swim in some of them. The park also has a broad array of wildlife, like dragonflies and birds. It’s definitely somewhere that’s worth going if you want to get outdoors and take some photographs.

Dubrovnik isn’t all that Croatia has to offer. Not only are there some fantastic islands nearby, but there are also other countries like Slovakia that you can visit. If you are looking to explore a beautiful, historic part of Europe, then Croatia’s worth considering.