Ivana Barač is a Croatian fashion designer from Dubrovnik, raised in Great Britain and Italy. She started with stone restoration, but soon her love for fashion took part and today her attitude towards fashion remind us of cosmopolitanism, which pushes clothes into the background, evoking it’s exclusive role of a „tool“.

Ivana barac go dubrovnikI had an opportunity to visit her in her atelier in Zagreb.

The main goal was to made a multi-functional clothes, such as collection „Skirt-bag“. She said that she’s always looking for the new ways to make her clothes convenient for others. Her approach is cubist, because she wants her clothes to be seen differently from every angle. Collections are mostly minimalist and the basic colors are grey and black.


Because of the fact that she turned her focus from the stone restoration to fashion design, I was curious if there are any differences in her ideas between treating the solid form, such as stone, and the flexible human silhouette, which also has its own limitations.
Ivana considers that to be a truly intriguing comparison for which, proving it’s sustainable, she wouldn’t say is based on her conscious choice.
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She sees the female body as the soul of creation, perceiving it as something almost sacral. Ivana is always experiencing the hypothetical limitations and imperfections of the body in the widest sense of the word as something very personal. Always looking for solutions which emphasize femininity, she’s neglecting or reducing dilemmas which cause uncertainty. For her, the aesthetics of designed clothes represent a temple, the architecture of the confidence or the belief in a vision.


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I also found out that she recently started a natural cosmetic line, including the body lotions, anti wrinkle creams, anti- cellulite creams and all kinds of pilings, which will give your skin needed hydration and flexibility.
I bet you gonna love it!