7 Factors to Consider Before Buying a New Smartphone 

Buying a New Smartphone

Cell phones have evolved from simple to innovative. These mobile phones have become the primary data and correspondence centers for humans. It is a fact that phones are considered a basic necessity in present-day life. Furthermore, mobile phones change one’s ideals and lifestyle, which are accessible instantly. It is expected to have everything in our pocket at all times. Since these smartphones allow people to watch, read, and listen to anything worldwide. Here are 7 things to consider before buying a new smartphone.

Furthermore, smartphones are built-in with technology to access various top features. Encountering connectivity is a problem for most smartphones. Weighing and deciding between Verizon vs AT&T or other network carriers is a challenging choice. That’s why selecting the best network service is essential too before buying a new phone. Mobile plans are one of the things you must know. It is time to think deeper, know what mobile features and specifications to look at, and decide the best for you!

7 Factors to Consider Before Buying a New Smartphone

Battery Life 

You are not the only one who jumps from one application to another. Some are heavy consumers of video-streaming apps, binge-watching, and playing games. Are you the type of user who consumes and opens multiple apps simultaneously? It is helpful to go for a phone with a long-lasting battery because heavy online usage could take up a lot of batteries. You will miss the next round of your game if your phone runs out of charge too quickly.

Look for a device with enough battery to match your energy in daily activities. You don’t have to pause and plug into a charger many times in one day with high battery life. It is best to plug in your charger before going to bed, and your phone will be charged and ready for another day of active use in the morning. Powerful battery life could last up to an entire day, even in heavy online usage.

Buying a New Smartphone

Camera Quality 

The selfie has become a trend for the majority, especially for younger people. People want to take high-resolution images with their smartphones. Thus, ideal camera settings are one of the main concerns before purchasing a smartphone. 

If you indulge in photography, a phone with multiple camera lenses is best for you. It is capable of taking both standard and wide-angle shots. While for selfies, settle a camera with features, enhancing your photos to make them likable for social media postings. It is recommended for a smartphone with a 12 or 16 MP camera and has an aperture of f/2.0 or lower. You can achieve good results even in low light.

Screen Size and Display 

The phone display is also essential in a smartphone. It is best to choose a better display view that is easy to read and check notifications at a glance. Newest smartphones offer a full-screen display which is a screen that extends edge to edge. This feature is perfect for streaming videos and gaming. 

The main types of display technology in Android are LCD and AMOLED. LCD screens are brighter and better at displaying content, whereas AMOLED displays a sharper contrast and more saturated colors. Thus, a mobile phone with a larger and clearer display allows you to see more details. 

Processor Speed 

It is frustrating when you can’t finish a movie or a game because it is frequently lagging. One of the factors aside from internet connection problems is its processor. It refers to different types such as quad-core, octa-core, Snapdragon, Apple processor, MediaTech, etc. It is better to choose a faster processor if you intend to do video editing, play online games, or even stream videos.

 The faster it can process the data, the less lag for your smartphone. In addition, you’ll have better gaming and an advantage over other players.

Storage Capacity 

You may want a smartphone with a large storage capacity for several files. It is not necessary to remove programs and delete photos to make space for new ones. That’s why purchasing a smartphone with enough RAM and ROM makes downloading multiple files smoothly. 

 The RAM and ROM in a smartphone’s memory work almost identically to those on a computer or laptop. RAM stands for Random Access Memory, while ROM means Read Only Memory. A phone with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM is commonly recommended. However, if you are a heavy consumer of games or video and photo editing applications, at least 3-4 GB RAM and 64GB ROM are best for you! You can also use a micro SD memory card to increase your storage capacity. 

Buying a New Smartphone

Network Provider and Mobile Plans

Smartphones are built-in with various impressive features, and some require a stable internet connection to access them. Along with purchasing a smartphone, it is ideal to consider an exemplary network provider. All SIM works well with a smartphone, but the only difference is the service you’ll get. Each has something interesting to offer customers and frequently gives complete packages with data, calls, and SMS.

Moreover, you can also connect your smartphones to WiFi connections at home or any place that offers a high-speed connection. 


Smartphone price varies depending on the built-in features and specifications. Prices generally increase in higher performance of the camera, memory, processor speeds, etc. Some budget-friendly mobile phones offer high-quality features, similar to the expensive ones.

Budgeting is top on our list before purchasing a smartphone. You’ll be asking yourself if it is worth the cost of spending your savings on your desired smartphone. It is best to look for mobile phone reviews to inform and compare various smartphone brands. Furthermore, knowing a particular smartphone before buying it is very helpful.


Buying a New Smartphone In a Nutshell

Knowing the features and specifications you’ll need beforehand is a practical way to go for the best smartphone for you, and it saves time and effort scanning through various mobile phones. Indeed, these seven things can help you to decide on your next new smartphone.  

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