The city of Dubrovnik is also called The Pearl of Adriatic and for a valid reason. The beautiful seascapes and untouched nature are something you will want to explore during your vacation there. That’s why a yacht charter Croatia is one of the best ways to enjoy your visit to the Adriatic Sea.

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Best Places To Visit on a Boat Trip Around Dubrovnik

We have put together a small list of the best places to visit when booking a boat rental in Dubrovnik. 

Elaphiti Islands

If you are up for a little bit of island hopping, Elaphiti islands will be the perfect way to do it.

Elaphiti islands are an archipelago made out of 6 islands, excluding the small islets. The main three you should visit are Lopud, Koločep, and Šipan. 

Going on a boat trip to the Elaphiti islands is a great way to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city’s tourist crowds, especially in the high summer season.

If you are a fan of nature and the sea you will definitely love visiting these islands. They are peaceful and quiet, guaranteeing you a relaxing environment with a stunning seascape as a backdrop.


Combining nature, culture, and rich history, island Korčula is an excellent destination for a holiday getaway. The town of Korčula is located on an island of the same name and is bustling with beauty. Korčula is known for being Marco Polo’s birthplace, who was a great adventurer and a world known explorer. Once on the island, you can even visit his birth house. Alongside that, Korčula is known for its beautiful ancient architecture, and especially for the well-known old town structure – the streets are shaped as a fishbone. 

Korčula is very close to Dubrovnik, so you will have no trouble getting there. Once you visit, we recommend combining everything that the island and the town of Korčula offer. Have a relaxing day at the sea, learn a bit about the island’s history and eat some fantastic local food.

boat rental in Dubrovnik


Pelješac is a peninsula located in the south part of the Adriatic Coast close to Dubrovnik. It’sIt’s well-known for its vegetation, food, beautiful nature, and wineries. Pelješac peninsula’s idyll is a perfect choice for you if you want to have a relaxing holiday. And deciding to take a boat rental for Dubrovnik is an ideal way to visit Pelješac. Once you’re there, make sure you do not miss out on trying authentic Pelješac wine and oysters. 


The island of Mljet is the most forested in the Adriatic and is also a National park. If you’re an adventurer, this island is the perfect holiday destination for you. Due to its rich flora and fauna, Mljet is ideal for exploring and thoroughly enjoying nature. You can also anchor your boat and enjoy crystal clear Adriatic sea and sunbathing on the deck of your ship.

The island of Mljet will provide you with the perfect combination of nature, culture, and local life that will make your holiday there like no other.

Boat Rental in Dubrovnik for Visiting Beaches

Boat rental in Dubrovnik does not have to mean you only need to go way out and explore the surrounding islands. There is a lot of stunning beaches in Dubrovnik that are definitely worth your visit. Some of the most popular and well-liked beaches around Dubrovnik are Štikovica beach, Mlini beach, Pasjača beach, and Šunj beach. You should definitely book a boat rental in Dubrovnik and explore the beautiful seascapes surrounding the Dubrovnik area. 

Dubrovnik beach

Booking a Boat Rental in Dubrovnik?

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Why Is Boat Rental In Dubrovnik A Great Idea?

Booking a boat rental in Dubrovnik is a fantastic way to explore the area and get as much as possible out of your Adriatic holiday. It will allow you to explore a vast number of breathtaking destinations, enjoy local food, and explore the Adriatic’s untouched nature. Boat rental in Dubrovnik is always a great idea if you ask us. It’s something we highly recommend to everyone visiting the Adriatic Coast.