This is not just another fashion week that you may expect, rather a show of cultural content on another British week in Dubrovnik. London has arrived to Dubrovnik and will stay in the Old Town for a week. During the British week Club Revelin is hosting a popular British DJs Doorly who played with the some of the biggest clubbing authorities. GODUBROVNIK is taking you there on the July 1st, Friday! Yeah, that’s right. We are giving you a ticket for partying with DJ Doorly. Welcome the July in a very VIP homage at the Club Revelin.

British Week Dubrovnik Culture Stradun Shakespeare

For the last five years, The British have been the most frequent guests in Dubrovnik. Through  numerous  partnerships of Dubrovnik’s cultural and tourist institutions, and led by the City of Dubrovnik, the cultural program ˝British Week˝ was created in order to thank everyone who has already visited our city or has yet to decide.

Dubrovnik British week culture stradun Shakespeare art

Various cultural events have been organized for ˝British Week˝, celebrating the rich culture of the United Kingdom, as well as present-day achievements of Britons who have left their mark in the world. From the 400th anniversary of the death of the grandiose Shakespeare and his play “Hamlet”, which will be performed in English during the ˝Midsummer Scene Festival˝ in the magical Fort Lawrence, to the review of British films to be shown in the Jadran summer cinema, and the photo exhibition by Bari Goddard called ˝Midsummer Scene / Night Dubrovnik˝

tea British week Dubrovnik Stradun

The British and Dubrovnik are also linked through many legends, the most famous being the one of Richard the Lionheart and his visit to Lokrum, to which the exhibition ˝Lokrum Legends – Richard the Lionheart + the Benedictines˝ is dedicated and which is scheduled to open on the mystical island of Lokrum on July 3rd, representing the highlight of ˝British Week˝. You will also be able to experience the British custom of drinking tea in Dubrovnik, because during ˝British Week˝ tea will be served at Pile in an authentic British Double Decker from 5 pm to 9 pm.